They Overstepped.

How’s it going, People?

I do believe my Carnegie Hall show on November 4 will sell out. It is selling well and we are still a couple of months out. You should get your tickets if you want to come. Also, my special ‘More Later’ is still on presale at until September 1 and then it hits iTunes and it will be a bit more expensive. It’s good. I like it.

On another note my partner (girlfriend, significant other, chick) Sarah Cain has a big show opening in NYC on September 8. It’s called ‘Dark Matter’ and it will be up at the Galerie LeLong in Chelsea. Some mind-blowing floor painting. It’s going to be very cool. If you are in the city you should check it out. Come to the opening.

Galerie LeLong

Things are okay over here, I guess. I had a bit of an ant problem but I dealt with it. I didn’t deal with it personally but I had contact bug killers come and wipe them out. Entire communities of ants destroyed. Cities,  even nations of ants, leveled. It’s sad when I think about it like that. I have become death to ants all because they were eating the cat food and a few were in my bed. Usually I can live at piece with a few ants and a spider or two but they overstepped. They got ambitious. Tried to take over. I have enough on my hands with cats moving me out; I don’t take that shit from ants.

Buster Kitten is turning into a cat. He seems pretty smart. He might even be on the cat spectrum. He kind of has his own frequency. He seems to be able to fetch which is a pretty exciting feature for a cat. They all seem to be getting along. The older ones are still slightly annoyed but there is a tolerance happening. I’m trying to get them all on the same food. Monkey has been on CD medicine food due to his propensity for getting urinary issues but I read that there is actually no medicine in the food and it really isn’t that great of quality. I’m not sure why I am telling you all this. I guess I need to get some support for just putting them all on high-grade wet food. 
I found some master list of the best cat foods and ordered a crate of this expensive fancy food that I think is made in New Zealand and not one of the three cats liked it. So, I guess Deaf Black Cat, the insane feral outside, will be eating very well for a while. They all seem to like Wellness brand wet food which isn’t on the list as being bad but it isn’t on there for being good either because they can't source the origin of the ingredients. Writing that I just decided that the list is pretty snooty and I think it will be fine. Buster is watching these words come up on the screen and I swear to god he’s reading.

Great shows this week! Today I talked to my pal Robert Kelly for a long one. I love him. He’s a sweet, filthy man. It was a great talk. On Thursday I talk to Jeff Feuerzeig and Laura Albert. Jeff made a documentary about Laura’s controversial alter ego called ‘Author: The  JT Leroy Story.’ Intense talks. Great week!


Boomer lives!