Space Travel.


No nicotine for two weeks! Yup.

Good morning. How was the weekend? Hope it was fine. Good, even. Mine was pretty good. I did the work. The big work.

Friday morning, I flew up to Vancouver. I love it there. I think I’ve told you all that before. Probably many times. Now more than ever the relief of being out of the psychic pollution and daily assault of American media and behavior is a true fucking relief. Vancouver is pretty too. Something modern and old and craggy island-like simultaneously.

The place I stay up there is one of my favorite hotels anywhere and I can’t even explain why exactly. I’ve stayed there twice and both times I found it to be oddly peaceful and relaxing which is saying a lot coming from me. It’s the Rosewood Georgia. I think it’s an old classic place that has been given new life. Maybe it’s full of good ghosts, I don’t know. I just like the place.

Charlie Demers opened for me at The Vogue Theatre. A beautiful crowd of people showed up. It was a solid show. Funny. Poignant, for me. Without the nicotine, performance seems to be even more immediate to me. Moving. Very engaged.

The folks from Love Jules Leather brought me some sweet new shoes they made for me. I ate some Greek food. Got out. Less than a full day.

Seattle was Seattle. I always like being there. I’ve been going there for years. It’s kind of a magical place. The Pacific Northwest is magic. Sort of a gray magic. Not dark, not light. Gray. Lot of possibilities. I haven’t had coffee much in years now and I had two macchiatos inside four hours and it set my mind on fire. Good times.

The show at the Moore was hot. Literally hot in that old building. I’m not big believer in ghosts but The Moore has them and they’re annoying. El Sanchez opened the show and they were great. Good personal comedy. The crowd was amazing and we all sweat through a nearly two-hour set.

I saw some old friends up there and ate at the same restaurant three times. It was close by. Lola.

Every time I go away, even if it’s just for two days, it feels like I’ve been on a space mission. I kind of have. New town, new food, new people, new place to sleep, then I step out onto the stage and out into my mind and take off. Space travel.

Today on the show I chart the rugged seas of Bruce Dern’s mind. On Thursday, Danny Huston and I talk about his mythic father, growing up in Europe and making a poetic film. Great talks.


Boomer lives!