Well, Folks.

I’m about done doing everything I always wanted to do. Not quite but most of it. I’m not stopping right away because I have other things to do. Though I do think it’s time I look back and retroactively enjoy my life and accomplishments. I’m always so busy ploughing through, doing the next thing and working that I really don’t even take a minute to process what I have done. Well, not just ploughing through and working but not really giving myself much credit either. I think that’s how I stay humble. Just beating myself enough not to be happy or think I did good enough. It’s a bad loop. A curse. Something I need to record over. Dumb. Life is getting shorter.

Example. GLOW, the show on which I am a featured member of the cast, premiered last Friday and I forgot to mention it on my own damn show. I didn’t tell you guys. I forgot. What is that about? Obviously, a lot of you figured it out but still. I know there’s been a lot going on re: the end of the world and our democracy but still. I know I get focused on what I am going to say and what I am saying but still… I spaced promoting a very big thing in my life, on my own show.

Part of me probably thought, ‘well, we did that a long time ago.’ I finished with my feelings about it already. Now, I have to make that right. I watched them all, again. As someone who plays a part you have no idea how the whole thing is going to come out. It came out so fucking good. I’ve seen how excited people are by the show. I’m happy about that. I guess part of me doesn’t think any of it is real until people react to it. The reaction has been great. And, I think I did a good job. I’m proud of my work. And now I’m telling you about it. I had to take pause and let myself have that so I don’t just plough through thinking I did fine and it was okay and what are doing now...

Honestly, I’m thrilled about the show. The second season is better than the first and that was great. I like working with everyone involved and this season really allowed me to let Sam have some depth and take some chances as an actor a bit. It’s amazing working with all the actresses (and Chris Lowell) because they make me better and they’re amazing. I want to congratulate everyone who is involved with the show and thank everyone for watching it.

Today I talk to the all too nice Paul Rudd. I tried to find some dark in there but couldn’t really. Great guy, great talk. On Thursday I go on a tight, easy ride in the mind of Peter Fonda, no helmet. It was before he went (rightfully) nuts on Twitter and pushed the envelope a bit. Good talk.


Boomer lives!