Overly Familiar.

Another Monday, Folks.
Don’t be upset. It’s good that they keep coming. Both for you personally and the world. 
I hope you all had a good or not bad weekend. I think I had some fun. It’s hard for me to Identify sometimes. 
Before I start rambling here, I’m sure some of you already know that Peter Fonda died. I have reposted the chat I had with him last year. It’s available in the free feed, as is the talk I had with his sister, Jane, if you want to round out the Fonda experience. Jane is very alive and it was an enlightening conversation. They both were. 
On Friday night I went to a secret society meeting to do the highly sacred ritual of the taking of the cake. I got sober in NYC. When you celebrate a year sober there it’s an anniversary. Here in LA it’s a birthday. So, with a birthday, comes a cake. Your name and year count is announced and you are presented a cake by people who are important in your life or part of your sobriety. My buddy Jerry gave me my cake. You don’t get to keep cake. Everyone is presented with the same cake. They just switch up the candle count. You blow them out and talk for a minute. I said a few words of gratitude, got a laugh with something and then surprised myself by saying, ‘My life is good.’
My life is good. I have a hard time even writing that down. Feel like I’m asking for trouble. 
On Saturday I went to a party on Sarah Silverman’s roof. It was her party. She has it every year. I haven’t been in a few years. I was either out of town or just spaced it. I tend to avoid parties because I’m not sure if I like what they bring out in me. I mean, I have a good time. I’m excited to be there. Show business is odd though. Between us, there’s still a big part of me that is a fan. Some part of me that doesn’t really accept the life I’m living or that I am part of it, the community. I tend to act overly familiar with everyone even if I don’t really know them at all. Which is weird, I think. I mean, I’ve talked to many of them for an hour or so but I don’t hang out with them. I see them at things occasionally but I am always very excited to see them because I like their work. So, I get real huggy and I do things like touch Jason Mantzoukas’ beard. 
I don’t know if I’m annoying or people accept that it's just me. It's exhausting how excited I get at parties. I get all filled with the juice. 
There was actually a handwritten sign hanging by the door when you walk into the party stating that you couldn’t ask anyone to be on your podcast at the party. It was kind of a joke but not really. I saw people I’ve known for years like Conan. Then I found myself talking to Larry David. He knew who I was. I had met him a couple of times. I love the guy. I don’t know him. I’ve watched his show, a lot. I’m fascinated with the guy. We don’t hang but he felt totally familiar to me. Thank god he knows who I am or I would’ve been annoying. Maybe I was still annoying. I don’t know. 
I talked to Albert Brooks too. I love him. I love his work. His sense of humor. I just love the guy. I would love to have him on the show. I didn’t ask. He knows. I was just thrilled I could talk to the guy and that he knows who I am. The two times I have seem him out in the world he has said something like, ‘You have your microphone? Let’s do it now!’
My life is good. I like being part of the community I am in. I just still get a little excited. A lot excited. It’s okay. 
Today I talk to the amazing actress Patricia Clarkson about her career and her Emmy-nominated performance in HBO’s Sharp Objects. On Thursday I try to keep up with the writer David Shields about his books and his documentary about Marshawn Lynch. Great talks!


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