One Thing I Never Thought.

Hola! People!

Well, I have some news.

A lot of things have happened in my life that I never expected to happen. Almost everything, actually, bad and good, has been a surprise.  I had few expectations and only one or two goals but they were about personal growth and creativity, not about things, really. A few years ago I had to let go of most of my dreams because they became a burden and really just a mythology to judge myself against my own failure. I let them go, for reals, and things started happening.  Everything changed.

One thing I never thought would happen is happening. OnNovember 4th, 2016, barring any tragic events, I will be performing at Carnegie Hall. Yes, I will be doing a solo show at Carnegie Hall. It’s very exciting. I don’t even like writing or saying it because I don’t really believe it’s happening. That’s also how I manage things when I don’t want the very idea of them happening to crush me. I’m not doing that. I'm very excited.

On some level it's just another theater venue… but it's not. We all know that. It’s a magical place that means something to everyone. I haven’t done the NY Comedy Festival since maybe its first year. The festival is producing the show and they invited me. I’m very grateful for that.

So, now you know why I've been hitting boards, working on the new stuff. I want it to be good. I want it to be the best I can do. I want to honor that revered hall and I want to honor myself and be as fucking funny as I can be and do something I’m proud of and then I guess I can just quit. Right? Probably not.

Some other equally if not more important news is that on Tuesday August 9th, 2016, I will celebrate 17 years of being clean and sober. Holy fuck, right? I don’t know how that happened. I do know without it there would be no Carnegie Hall date, probably no podcast and maybe no life. Like, I would literally be dead. Who knows? I do know that it is the singular most important achievement of my life. One of the amazing surprise benefits of the doing the podcast is how many people I have heard from that have gotten help and support for their addictions because of my openness about mine on the show. I’m very moved and grateful to be of service in that way. It was never my intention. I never expected it. I am humbled and excited it happens. It’s one of greatest gifts of the show for me. It helps me stay sober.

So, thank you.

Today on the show the painfully pleasant Seth Meyers shares his journey in the biz. Great guy, good talk. On Thursday I talk to - well, I spar with - Godfrey again for a bit and then spend a while talking to the very funny Lauren Lapkus. Good shows. Good week.


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