Old Lady.

Hey, Folks!

Thanks for all of your input on the Marc Maron/WTF Ben and Jerry’s flavor that will never happen. I think the consensus was What the Fudge. There were some other clever mixtures that involved dark, bitter flavors and some involved the vanilla cut that I talked about on one of my specials. I wasn’t really even expecting it to be a thing but the suggestions came in.

Also, thanks for the commiserating and confirming emails about pooping on the road and while traveling. Glad to know it’s a common thing and we are all that close.

See, you all make me feel less alone too.

La Fonda is okay. She’s old, but she’s okay. I talked about her having a hard time. When I got home from Europe she was peeing blood. It seemed to start when I got home. When a cat is 14 years old and starts peeing blood you just prepare for the worst. Sarah got her into a carrying case and I immediately took her to the vet. It is no easy trip for my weird cats. They pee and shit all over the cage and howl the whole way there. It is very stressful and traumatic but I had no choice.

I did make a decision not to see my regular vet because I can’t deal with him anymore. I didn’t want a chipper morbid prognosis with an upselling of more tests. This guy, even if the cat is okay, will let you know that it’s only a matter of time before they get sick and die and there’s always time for more tests before that happens. I didn’t want to deal with that so I went to a new vet at the same place. She was great, thorough, earnest. We did all the tests. 

They knocked La Fonda out for a set of x-rays. Shot her up with some antibiotic and a steroid and told me it might be a UTI and I might need to give her meds. That’s a nightmare. There just no way to give my cats meds. Never has been. That made me nervous but I waited out the results. She called a couple of days later saying it was a UTI and the antibiotic she used would treat it. I was thrilled. La Fonda wasn’t dying yet. The vet did say that she had weight loss and it could be Lymphoma and I should get more tests. I asked her what the treatment was. She said, ‘Chemotherapy.’ I was said, ‘We’ll see. She’s 14. She’s an old lady. Let’s wait it out.’ I think the visit to the vet takes months off her life just from the stress. Bottom line, she’s okay for now. That’s the best any of us can hope for.

Today I talked to Rachel Bloom about her new movie ‘Most Likely to Murder,’ Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Jews and more. We got each other. On Thursday I talk to Melissa McCarthy about her new movie ‘Life of the Party’ and other stuff. Great talks.


Boomer lives!