Never Again.

Back in Canada, Folks.

Feels pretty good. Relaxing. Vancouver. I’m going on tonight (Sunday) so I can't let you know how the show went. Hopefully it went well. I am feeling the nag of something wanting to occupy my body. Like a cold trying to take hold. I have limited bullshit preventatives with me: oregano oil capsule, a few EmergenC packets and some mysterious Chinese herb capsule. I’ll take that one first. Who knows? Maybe something exciting will happen.

I played Seattle last night at The Moore. It was a great show. Great crowd. I’ve been stretching out doing close to two hours trying to find the hour I like. I love my fans and I appreciate that many of you know me pretty well and have a weekly relationship with me but if you are sitting in a room with 1500 other people we can't really have a one on one conversation—at least not for more than a couple exchanges—or I might get aggravated. In other words, there was an annoying fan sitting right up front and I might have gotten a little harsh. There seemed to be drinking involved so maybe she doesn’t remember it as clearly as I do. If you are in an audience it's nice if you act like an audience member. If there is a beat or a moment of quiet, it’s good. Don’t feel compelled to fill it. Just wait. I’m a professional. You might miss something if your mouth hole is making sound.

On Friday night I performed in Oakland at The Fox Theatre. What a beautiful theatre. Loved the place and the crowd. It was pretty wild. Some old friends of mine came down. People who had never seen me do that big a venue. People who knew me when was just a sweaty, angry guy in a half-filled club yelling at the crowd. I think they were proud of me. Sometimes I don’t acknowledge how far I’ve come and it's nice to get a reality check on that. I just blow through life. Maybe enjoying it and being proud of myself would be good. I don’t want to get too big in my head though. Have to keep that tempered with panic and insecurity. On it.

I recorded today's show a few days early because I lost my discipline around some dangerous behavior. How long after you dump a cup of coffee on the keyboard of your computer before you start stupidly putting the cup of coffee right next to your computer again? It feels like I was on top of it for a while but apparently not the other day when I knocked half a cup over right on the thing. Coffee will end up on computers and iPhones will end up in toilets. Rules of the universe. Somehow I acted quickly enough, sopped it up, turned the machine over, put it outside and didn’t touch it for hours and it worked. I couldn’t be sure though. I was going to record today in Vancouver but I didn’t know if I could send the file if my computer had wet brain. Seems good now. Getting a new one anyway. No cups of coffee next to computer! No. Never again.

Today on the show I talk to someone I feel had been part of my life for decades because he has. I’ve been seeing Paul Shaffer off to the side on my TV screen in some form or other for years. It was great being able to talk to him. On Thursday I talk to Paul Beatty who wrote ‘The Sellout.’ Loved that book. Smart guy. Good talks.


Boomer lives!