Letting Some Things Go.

Show biz, People.

I am watching the Globes right now.

As some of you know I like watching movie stars and show business people at award shows. What is odd now is that I have talked to so many of them and I am working with some in an actual show AND I’m going to my first award show as a nominee this week. Crazy. I really didn’t think it would ever happen. I no longer had any expectations. I’m excited. I am genuinely excited and trying to not ruin it. I’ll ruin it. Somehow. Maybe not. Yeah, lets go with that.

I’ve been having a hard time breathing lately. Like, I wake up and it feels like I have a weight on my chest. My chest is where I hold my stress. I know that. Occasionally my lower back and that is aching too. Obviously, my inability to compartmentalize and the ongoing unfolding horror of daily events isn’t helping. The air quality has been shit out here because the state is just going to be chronically on fire, I guess. I don’t think I am ill but my brain goes there. Unfortunately, going into the doctor with the ‘I’m having a hard time breathing’ symptom usually leads to the ‘what’s going on in your life’ question. I think I’m okay.

As I was recording in the garage today, barely breathing, I realized, in a deep way, that the days of that garage are coming to an end. In the next few weeks I will be, probably slowly, moving the contents of the original garage to the new garage. The garage is where it all started. So much has happened in there. Lives changed in there. Mainly mine. I realized today that I have to move the stuff. Some part of me just wasn’t going to do it. I was just going to stay there even after I sold the house. I would make a deal with new owners that I would walk guests through their house into the garage which would remain mine.

I am very ready to move on but I guess not quite ready to let go. I think a lot of the the breathing issue has to do with the dramatic shift out of the space that changed everything about my life. It's a magic space, a ritual space. I have held that space for hundreds of people, but that magic travels with me. I’ll let you know how the move goes. I will be letting some things go. I think. Probably not much. I will have some feelings. I’ll let them come. I am excited. Anxious. Having a hard time breathing.

Today I talk comedian Fortune Feimster who just got ENGAGED! On Thursday I talk to Richard Jenkins about being a late starter and giving up hope only to become one the great character actors. Great talks.


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