I've Been Tense

Hello, fellow humans.

I’ve added some dates to the tour schedule on the site. Going to Troy, NY, New Haven, CT, Charlotte, NC, Durham, NC, Chicago and Nashville. Check here for dates and tickets!

There’s a lot of drama in the house at the moment. Cat drama. I have this sweet little crazy kitten, Buster. All he wants to do is play. Unfortunately, my two old cats are not quite into it. I think they will be but now it’s just a heartbreaking little cat drama where Buster gets met with hisses and growls and an occasional swat. He is very persistent and refuses to see these gestures as anything but a temporary misunderstanding. I hope he’s right. I can’t take it. I project all kinds of human emotions onto to these dumb animals. If I’m not careful I could possibly go out and get two more kittens just so Buster doesn’t grow up an only kitten with really old foster parents that had no choice in the situation but to be there.

I’ve been tense. I’m not sure why really. I guess it just happens. I’ve been cranky and hostile and a little angry. Wait, there’s plenty going on the world that would make me those things. Oh, yeah. I internalize some things because I don’t feel like engaging. Then, I engage. I start talking about politics on stage and there is a tone that comes out of me that is familiar to me. I lived in it. It’s intensity, anger. It was the tone I used a lot in my standup when I was a younger man. Then the tone starts to permeate my life. The anger starts to bleed into everything, like I am being consumed by it. Then I am walking around defensive and hostile. There is self-righteousness to it. Some righteous anger is genuine and necessary. Some of it is a justification for something else. Something scary or a pattern I know needs to be corrected in myself. Something I am protecting even though it is not good for me. How do I make the anger into the human feeling it is masking? That is always the challenge on any level with anger. I’m on the other side of it now, a bit. I have to communicate it personally and creatively with some compassion and hope I am not annihilated by the vulnerability. I know this is vague but it makes sense to me. It’s abstracted so I don’t get too angry.

I have been engaging trolls, though, and that’s like anger crack. 

Great talk with Jane Lynch today. I really admire her and like her and think she is one of the most uniquely funny people alive. On Thursday I talk to a man that ALWAYS makes me laugh, comedian Brian Scolaro. Funny people this week.


Boomer lives!