It's All Gravy.

We did it, folks. 


GLOW got Emmy nominations for all kinds of awards—hair, makeup, titles, casting, cinematography, stunts, production design, directing and BEST COMEDY! AND Betty Gilpin got nominated for Supporting Actress in a Comedy. She’s amazing. It’s so great that happened. She is a real envelope pushing actor. A real risk taker at every point of her approach and that makes her character beautifully complex. She had a lot of heavy lifting to do first season in order to make her situation believable. The attention is well-deserved.

I got a lot of tweets saying I was robbed and Alison was robbed. I don’t know how Alison feels but I do not feel like I was robbed. I don’t really like the whole idea of having competition imposed on me. Life is dire enough. Sure, I tried to get nominated because why wouldn’t I but I didn’t really feel disappointed. I think it would’ve been great to get that kind of respect from my peers but I’m not really the award-winning type of person for whatever reason. I just do the work. It’s all gravy for me in a lot of ways. I didn’t think I was going to have the opportunity to do any of the stuff I am doing. I work hard, I like it and so do you. That’s really enough. I did buy some fancy clothes for the other award shows I went to and for TV and I would like to wear them more. I guess that’s the real bummer. I want to dress up. Maybe I’ll just wear my fancy suits around the house more. Maybe I’ll buy myself a trophy and wander around giving acceptance speeches to my cats. Truth is I was better second season. See, maybe I did really want to get nominated. Of course, I did. There, I admitted it. But I think I’m getting better at it and that’s what’s important. Both acting and admitting things. Competition stinks and if it isn’t sports its usually suspect in terms of how it’s all decided. Like elections.

In other news, I got my 23 and Me genetic results back. It actually just said JEW. Seriously. 99.5 percent Ashkenazi Jew with a smattering of "broadly European," whatever that means. Probably Jew too. I have no hereditary disease propensities and there were some details that were just odd. Like, they knew I could smell asparagus in my pee. I’m glad we have these advances to confirm these important traits that we pass on generation to generation.

Today I talk to Gus Van Sant about his new movie 'Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot’ and a lot of his other movies. There’s some surprising stuff about his starting out as an artist that I thought was interesting and fun to know. On Thursday I talk to Daveed Diggs about his new film, ‘Blindspotting.’ It’s a very personal and brutally beautiful film about his hometown of Oakland. We also talk about ‘Hamilton’ and track and stuff. Great talks!


Boomer lives!