I Still Remember That.

Okay, People!

Well, I have to say, performing in North Carolina over the weekend was pretty amazing. I haven’t been out too much this year and I seem to be perpetually nervous lately but we sold out The Carolina Theater in Durham and it was a beautiful show. Great crowd. It was the same in Charlotte with about 900 folks at The Knight Theater. Thanks for coming out, everyone. I think we all got a bit of relief. I needed to hang out with you guys. I think we all felt better for a bit.

I never really seem to know what to expect when I head out on the road. I rented a car in Raleigh, drove to Durham and spent a couple of nights there. The Durham Hotel was pretty amazing. My buddy Mac, who runs Merge Records, lives in Durham and his wife has the restaurant in the hotel. It’s always comforting to know people when you hit a town. Even more so if that person runs the restaurant in the hotel you are staying at. Amazing food. I went over to the Merge offices too and saw how that place runs. They’re putting out a lot of good vinyl over there.  

I had forgotten that my pals Stan and Laurie lived down there too. They showed up at the show and they knew me way back, late eighties. Back when I worked at The Coffee Connection in Harvard Square and lived in this weird, big house with a bunch of other people. One of them being Stan. Oddly, he used to run a record label out of his room back then that pretty much had one band signed to it—his band. Vanishing Point Records. Shit. I can't believe I remember that. Anyway, they have grown kids now and it's always great to see people still alive and doing okay after all these years. It’s weird not seeing someone for much for decades. I guess that's what happens when you move around a lot.

I’ve been to Charlotte a few times. I did the Oddball Festival there a few years ago and I’ve played the Comedy Zone there once but I wasn’t sure how I’d do in a theater. It was great. There’s a lot of good people in the South that needed a few laughs. I didn’t eat any livermush this time. Actually, it slipped my mind entirely. Better off. I have a cholesterol issue.  I did have some cheese grits and a slice of Lemon Chess Pie. Had to. Right?

I will be donating a good chunk of my pay for the gigs in NC to EqualityNC.org. I want to help out down there and in the country. Many people won't even work there but I’m glad I did and glad I can give something back. I’m also going to give some to carolinatigerrescue.com to help out the big cats.

Today I talk to liberal redneck comedian Trae Crowder about being that. Lena Dunham also stopped by for a few to talk about the new season of Girls and other stuff she has going on. On Thursday Norah Jones talks singing, her relationship with her dad Ravi Shankar and Texas. Good talks.


Boomer lives!