I Got Choked Up.

Hey, Folks!

How are you? Enjoying the ride? Careening. That’s the political momentum that we are living through. Careening. Terrifying all the time. The guy at the controls of the ride is enjoying pushing the capacity of the equipment and making people nauseous and scared. Some people still seem to be excited and enjoying themselves. They might be morons.

Couple of things. I'm excited to tell you that we're setting up some live events for the release of Waiting for the Punch: Words to Live by from the WTF Podcast. New York City! I will be at theBarnes and Noble at Union Square, Tuesday evening, October 10th at 7pm. That's the day the book comes out. So, come by, hear me and Brendan do our thing, get a signed copy of the book. It'll be great. Then, San Francisco! Come see us as part of LitQuake. We'll be at the New Mission Alamo Drafthouse. Same deal: We'll talk, we'll answer questions, we'll sign books. Go toLitquake.org for tickets to that one. 

These are fun events for me and Brendan to do. We like talking to the fans of the show and answering their questions and it seems fun for people to see our dynamic which is the dynamic that drives this show. Me in front of the mic and Brendan behind the scenes. Well, now he’s out in front of the mic too. Always exciting.

So, I was invited to a screening of three episodes of the new season of Joe Swanberg’s ‘Easy.’ I am featured in an episode reprising the character I played in an episode of the last season. The way Joe works is completely improvisational. So, much of the story and narrative points are generated day of and many come from my personal experience. I was working opposite Michaela Watkins, who I love, and we got into some heavy stuff. Improvising. She plays my first ex-wife who I hurt badly when I left her and then wrote about it all in a graphic novel. I know those who know me can hear some similarities. I won’t deny that. But the wild card is what Michaela brought to the table from her life and experience and how we move through the scenes emotionally. She is brilliant and I got choked up watching the stuff. I know that sounds odd but it happened. It’s not narcissistic, sometimes I just don’t quite connect to my feelings until I’m fictionalizing them and I can watch it happen. I know that’s not something everyone can do but I’m grateful I can because I can honestly say I think it’s over. I think I may finally have some closure over all that crazy emotional injury I have and that I caused through my two marriages. I just felt it in a moment. Contrition. Like I hadn’t before. I don’t know if other people watching the scenes unfold will have similar feelings. I did though and It was heavy. All the episodes I saw were good. I think it’s going to be a good season.

Today I have a somewhat heavy but fun talk with Pete Davidson. On Thursday, I talk to Tom Colicchio the chef. That was fun. Good talks.


Boomer lives!