How to Work.

Hey, Folks.

Very grim days.

It really feels like the seams are all ripping as the evil and the angry push through and find ways to destroy any sense of security or safety we may have once we leave our homes. It comes down from the top directly through the channels that go straight into the minds of the unstable who have wrapped their brains around an ideology of hate based in their own sickness, enforced by repetitive talking points. The mentally unstable should not be able to arm themselves and domestic terrorism, passively encouraged by the current administration, must be recognized for what it is. They walk among us.

On a lighter note, I really enjoyed my time in Raleigh, NC. I took a listener's advice and took a drive out to Seagrove in search of ceramics. It’s a pottery hub. My friend Brian Jones who makes the mugs I give to guests on the show introduced me to some potters out there who then introduced me to others. I met a bunch of them and bought a bunch of stuff. I think part of me is always looking for life change options. Seemed nice. The life of a potter. Just spending hours on the wheel, pounding clay, hanging out in the country, firing up the kiln, glazing. Seems meditative. Honest. I would probably have to learn how to work with clay but there’s no reason I can’t dream. I could open a little shop. Maybe call it ‘I’m Trying Pottery.’ Keep the prices low.
North Carolina is beautiful. It's a nice drive out into the country. Pretty, but there is a menace to it. Maybe I’m projecting but there does seem to be a real undercurrent of something awful. I’m probably not projecting. You can feel it. Once you drive past the 15th ‘Thank You, Jesus’ sign - the exact same sign - it starts sink in. They start to feel more like a warning and a threat rather than a declaration of gratitude.

The shows were really exciting. I’m finding that performing in areas that are really surrounded by a unified wrong-mindedness is very cathartic for me and the audience. I think I got a little heavy and dark on that last show. The fifth one. By then I’m loopy and don’t have much of filter. It was funny. It was just the deep, dark kind of funny. In all honesty after staying away from politics in a straight up way for years it’s kind of exciting and necessary to be talking about it a bit now. Feels necessary. Like it’s my civic duty.

I like the criticism from the rancid peanut gallery, ‘Stick to comedy. Leave the politics to…’ To who? Washed up morning zoo jocks who, after years of failure and irrelevance, morphed into Fascist enablers dumping their broken egos into a hackneyed wave of brain altering bullshit hate points for dum dums? Yeah, those guys know better.

Today on the show I talk to the singular Walton Goggins about his new movie “Them That Follow’ and a lot of other stuff including working with Danny Macbride and Robert Duvall. On Thursday I talk to Greg Kinnear about his new film ‘Brian Banks’ and life. Good talks!


Boomer lives!