Greeting from Scandinavia, Folks!

Wow, seems like a year since I’ve written. Time is weird when you travel. I’ve done a lot since last Sunday.

Before my show in London I got a shave. During that shave the barber pulled out a long piece of what may have been hanger wire with a little cloth at the end that apparent was soaked in kerosene or some other flammable liquid, lit it and proceed to carefully burn the little hairs in my ears off. I’ve never had anything like that done to me. Usually when you are laying down in a chair and someone lights something on fire and moves towards your head the response is generally, ‘I’ll talk. I’ll talk. Put it out’.

I said nothing. I held my mud. I got a great shave and my ears look niiiiice.
The show I told you I was nervous about last week went really well. I filled Royal Festival Hall, sat down and laid it out. It was intimate and funny. I really think one of the keys to it was having them drop the curtain over the wall-sized pipe organ that would’ve been the backdrop. There’s a subliminal expectation there. Somewhere in the minds of people watching they would be expecting to hear that thing. It’s like doing comedy in front of a blank movie screen. It’s never good. Deep down people are waiting for a movie.

Always better to hide an organ on stage. You don’t want it out during the show. It's distracting and sometimes wrong depending on the show.

Also, the audience was amazing. It was great that everyone came out. I think we all had a nice time and got a few laughs.

Sarah the Painter’s show was the next night at the Timothy Taylor Gallery and that went very well too. The work looked great on the walls and a lot of people came. There was a big dinner and a Peruvian Restaurant after. I’ve never had that kind of food. Another first. It seemed like 20 courses. I ate all of them. I can’t wear one of the pairs of pants I brought over. I guess I get back in shape stateside.

We flew to Stockholm on Wednesday. I liked it there. We saw some great art, a giant ship that sunk in the harbor a long time ago, pretty buildings and I ate some meatballs. I did a good show for a great crowd. I liked Sweden. It’s nice to be in countries where everyone isn’t armed.

We’re in Oslo, Norway now. I’m about to head to the theater. We saw a real Viking ship today and some more amazing art yesterday. We had high tea and I ate fish. I like the vibe here. Feels deep. No sure why. Maybe it’s the fjords. Maybe I have Viking in me. I should get that gene test. It’s a long shot but I’ve done some research. I think it’s possible. I just feel connected to this place. Maybe the herring and smoked salmon and rye bread just got me all genetically nostalgic, not really for here just in a general Jewy way. How did that stuff get into the eastern European Jewish diet? I have to do some more research.

Today I talk to Bradley Whitford about stuff back in the old garage. On Thursday I talk to Mandy Stadtmiller about her new book ‘Unwifeable.’ Good talks. Both of them.


Boomer lives!