What now?

It was a good run, people-

What am I going to do now? The final two episodes of Maron aired last Friday, the book is out and doing what it does, I finished an hour-and-a-half standup special for Netflix that we are finishing editing now, and the insane promotional and touring schedule I have been on for what seems like a year is winding down. What now?

I’ve been home for a few days and I’m not leaving again for a week or so and apparently what I like to do is run around and complain about things that need to be done around the house. Which is everything. I guess one of my hobbies is driving my girl crazy with bullshit. The reality is I have to re-enter life, start hitting the LA clubs, work on new material and try to enjoy what I have accomplished. Good luck with that last one. I just wrote that to myself but I guess I wanted all of you to see it.

I will let you know as soon as I know whether or not we get picked up for a second season of Maron. I'm into it.

The response to the series and the book has been great. Outside of the one or two people that thought the show and/or the book was about them and got mildly upset, I was thrilled with all the feedback. It’s a tricky thing to write about your life because there are other people in it and they might take a hit. You have to be able to live with that. I am. I believe that my father will eventually talk to me again. The other guy I pissed off I really haven’t talked to that much in years and quite frankly they should both lighten up a bit.

This is an exciting week. On Monday's show, I had the opportunity to sit down with David Sedaris for a bit and just shoot the shit. I didn’t really know him. I knew some of his work and I know his sister a little but it was really a first conversation. It was fun. It got cut off rather abruptly but we had nice talk. On Thursday, I have Nick Cave in the garage. This was not an easy chat for me. He’s intense and a bit difficult. I think we did good. I will say that the Russell Crowe story towards the end was worth the entire struggle.


Boomer lives!