We had some amazing make up sex, twice.

Hey, People-

Boston was fahkin wicked pissah!

Before I get into that I would like to remind you Bay Area folks that I will be at SF Sketchfest this weekend doing a lot of shows including a live WTF and a stand up show. Please check out what isn’t sold out at their website. I know the live WTF is already packed out.

In general, If you are new to this email thing you can always go www.wtfpod.com and check the calendar for my upcoming dates: Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Grand Rapis and Vancouver are all coming up.

Thank you Boston! I couldn’t figure out why I never go to Boston until I realized that I spent a lot of formative years in that city. That means there was a lot of pain and emotional drama associated with it. I went to college there for five years and then went back there to start my comedy career. Can you think of two more traumatic times in a life as college and early standup gigs? Horrifying. So many memories, so many of them awful. Boston was like a crazy, draining ex-girlfriend who I was afraid to run into.

Well, all that has changed. The live standup show and the live WTF at The Wilbur Theater were completely awesome on every level. Almost 1000 people showed up for each show and we had a blast. It was definitely a life changing experience for me. I want to formally thank the comics I had on the show. I have nothing but respect for all of them and they were great! Kenny Rogerson, Tony V, Jimmy Tingle, Mike Donovan and Frank Santorelli were just spectacular. Rick Jenkins did an awesome job opening for me as well. These guys are real pros and it was a fucking joy watching them work as they talked to me.

So, I guess you can say that me and Boston are cool now. We had some amazing make up sex, twice, and it was better than ever.

I will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight if you want to tune and he will be on WTF today if you want to tune into to that, or both. On Thursday we will run the live WTF from Boston. I hope you can feel the love.