This is it! The big week!

Coming in for landing, People!

This is it! The big week! The book, ‘Attempting Normal', drops on Tuesday and IFC’s ‘Maron’ premieres on Friday at 10/9c on IFC.

I feel flashes of dread and relief. I’m actually excited to see what people think. I think I’m prepared to deal with whatever happens, even the good things.

I wasn’t completely prepared to deal with my father’s panic. He’s concerned about how he is portrayed in the TV show. He had heard about one of the promos on IFC and called me worried, panicked a bit. He doesn’t get IFC. He is concerned about how the ‘public’ will see him. I told him that it is a fictional character based on him. I told him that Judd Hirsch is playing the character. I told him that the life of the character is not his life and that it is not real. It is a ‘fictional’ show and not a ‘reality’ show. He said, ‘Okay, that makes me feel better.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ Then he said, ‘What’s it on? IFC? No one really sees that anyway. Okay.’ The beauty of that last remark is that he didn’t say it as an insult or a dig. He said it matter of fact like closure on the thought process he needed to comfort himself with. He’s never listened to my podcast and now it seems he will not watch the show for any other reason than to see what his public is seeing. I love the guy but, boy, that was a rough moment. I could’ve easily regressed into an angry teenager but I didn’t. I really hope he doesn’t take it too hard.

As always, I appreciate all your support and I hope you all like all the me centric things that will be out in the world this week.

Milwaukee! I will be at the Pabst Theater this Saturday, May 4th, doing standup. If you want to be part of that come down.

Also, Apple's iBookstore selected Attempting Normal as their Editor's Choice this week. They've got an 'enhanced version' that's got six specially-recorded audio segments with more than 35 minutes of brand-new, never-before-heard stories and reflections I recorded only for this version. Download it on the iBookstore at

We’re doing 3 shows this week! A pretty amazing chat with Hank Azaria on Monday, the live WTF from Vancouver on Wednesday featuring Margaret Cho doing a one woman show about my penis and Huey Lewis on Friday. Yeah, Huey Lewis. Wild, right?

Boomer lives!