There are some things I’d like to keep private.

I’m up north, folks-

First things first. For all you Tom Scharpling and Marc Maron fans there’s a new Marc and Tom Show up and available. You can either go here or just go to iTunes and search Marc and Tom. It’ s great verbal jam. Tom has a great story about a bad encounter with a famous athlete at a Who concert. Plus, I'll talk about the secrets of my rock and roll past. And one of us cops to pitching a movie studio on Big Momma's House 3.

Thank you, Ohio. Despite all of my whining about ticket sales we had great crowds in Cincy and Columbus. They weren’t packed, but they were perfect. The venue in Cincy was a place called Bogarts. People got me nervous saying it was just a shitty rock club. It turns out it is a haunted theater that has been around since the early 1900s. I’ve never performed in a place where the actual theater looked exhausted. That space looks like it had been through just about everything a building could go through and it needed a rest. It felt like it wants to just collapse. I though it was great. There were all these maze-like hallways in the backstage area and every room felt like it had seen some shit. A few ghosts were hanging around. As always, I don't mind having ghosts around. I think they are good for the show.

Columbus was great as well. We played a beautiful theater and the balcony was "dark." That’s a nice way of saying we didn’t sell enough tickets to seat it. I didn’t obsess too much. The place was perfect and the crowd was stellar.

Mike Lawrence did a great job opening for me. People love that guy.

I’m currently in Vancouver recovering from an amazing live WTF during which Margaret Cho talked about my penis for ten minutes. There are some things I would like to keep private. Guess that’s off that list.

Please check for upcoming dates in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Chicopee, Boston (stand up & live WTF,) SF, Bethlehem PA, Milwaukee and Austin TX! As far as I know the IFC show, "Maron," premieres in May and my new book, "Attempting Normal," is out at the end of April. Looks like it might be available for preorder here. You might want to wait for cover art.

This week on the show I finally sit down with Eddie Pepitone for an hour. He brought Steven Feinartz with him. Steven directed the documentary on Eddie called "The Bitter Buddha" which is out this week in select theaters around the U.S. and will be on demand and on iTunes starting Tuesday, February 19th. That's tomorrow. It's been at a bunch of film festivals, most recently at Slamdance. The website is here and you can buy it on iTunes.

The lovely and intense Aimee Mann talks to me on Thursday AND she sings songs. This has been a long time coming. She’s an odd and interesting bird.


Boomer lives!