The Massive Decaying Ghost of American Industry.

Yes, Folks-

It’s all happening. My show ‘Maron’ on IFC is premiering on May 3rd. I know a lot of you know that but I should say it again. If you want to see clips you can go to and look at some stuff. I can’t believe it’s happening. I’m excited. Well, I’m trying to narrow my feelings to just excitement.

My book ‘Attempting Normal’ comes out on April 30th. You will know more about me than maybe you ever wanted to. That’s the only way I know how to do things. Don’t judge me too hard. I think the poster deal is steal available. If you pre-order the book here and send your receipt to you can get yourself a poster of me while they're still available. If that sounds good to you, do it.

I will be in Austin at The Moontower Comedy Festival, April 24th through 26th. I’m doing a big solo standup show, some shorter sets and a massive WTF taping with a lot of comics. More than I have ever had on before. Some of the guests are Jim Norton, Maria Bamford, Dom Irrera, Janeane Garafolo, Michael Ian Black, Todd Barry and maybe even Bill Burr. Big. That’s all I’m saying. Big show. Get info for Moontower here.

Thank you Bethlehem, PA! What an amazing night we had. I had no idea that the venue was in the husk of the old Bethlehem Steel Plant. I had no idea I would be performing in front of an all-glass wall looking out onto the massive decaying ghost of American Industry. It is a giant dead steel plant that is lit beautifully from the bottom up and glows. It is haunting. It is a living monument to people who worked real jobs, pouring lava and hammering girders. I had no idea that a torrential downpour and lightning storm would explode while I was on stage performing. If you believe in a god he was basically yelling at me, "You call that a real job? Look behind you!"

On Monday I talk to some of the real pioneers of podcasting. Jonathan Laroquette and Seth Romatelli from the ‘Uhh, Yeah Dude’ podcast join me for some lively chat. On Thursday I talk to Mark Schiff. He is one of the NY comics that started with the Seinfeld generation. He was known as one of the funniest and still is. He has since moved into an Orthodox Jewish disposition and will serve as the antidote to Ari Shaffir’s discussion a couple of weeks ago. Good talk.

Thanks for everything.

Boomer lives!