The Marc & Tom Show.

Howdy, Folks-

First off, thank you Oklahoma City. I had a fun-filled, power-packed 13 hours there. I got lost driving around for an hour, ate insane BBQ, smelled some new bad things and hung out with an artist that I have a great deal of respect for AND had two phenomenal shows, one of which required some hands-on couples counseling skills I really didn’t know that I had. All ended well. I can’t speak to what happened after everyone left the place but in the room we had it all level.

I want to thank everyone that came out to the shows and thanks for all gifts and foooooood! Fried chicken, cupcakes, cookies, the works. Gracias. Good seeing everyone. Nice meeting Wayne Coyne, too. That was definitely a good hang. He witnessed that second show. I talk more about it all on the show today.

I will be at the Vancouver Comedy Festival this weekend. I know the live WTF is sold out but I am not sure what other shows are available. You can go to the website and check it out.

Along with our regular shows this week we bring a special treat. It’s The Marc and Tom Show. A while back I talked with Tom Scharpling from "The Best Show on WFMU" about doing a show together and we did it. It's not WTF. It's not The Best Show. It's its own thing. Hope you enjoy it. This one-time show will be up for premium subscribers on Tuesday, for everyone else on Wednesday.

And you should know, Tom's station, WFMU, is a listener sponsored radio station and they make their budget through an annual fundraiser. Tune in to Tom's show on Tuesday, February 21st and Tuesday, February 28th from 9pm to midnight Eastern. He'll have all kinds of special prizes and giveaways and you can only get them by pledging during Tom's show. Go to for more info and to listen online, and you can follow Tom for updates on Twitter, @scharpling.

This week on the show, Monday we have the amazing tales of the very funny Big Jay Oakerson. He has some of the best stories you’ll hear. On Thursday I talk to Diablo Cody about writing and where she comes from as a writer and a person. Mentally and physically.