The Boston Comedy Festival at The Somerville Theater

Hola, People-

Just went back and forth to Boston in 24 hours. Crazy. I went to accept the Comedian of the Year award from The Boston Comedy Festival at The Somerville Theater. It was an honor. I started in Boston. All of my early memories of working as a comic are in New England and the award means something to me. Those were tough days, lean years, crazy times. I bled a lot all over the New England countryside. It was like my own Revolutionary War of emotions.

They gave me the award after the finals of a competition. It was pretty intense to watch a bunch of new comics doing their best eight minutes. I hadn’t seen that in a while. Joke efficiency and hunger. It was great. Nothing was lost on me. In 1989 I lived two blocks from that theater in an attic in a house full of the kind of people that lived in houses with other people. It was a transition house. It was a holding pen for people between kid and grown up. It was one of those places that no one really knew who owned it but the one guy who had been there the longest—longer than he should have—paid the guy. I have definitely come a long way and I am grateful.

I did make time to stuff meat into my face at Redbones. I was living in that hood when the place opened 26 years ago. The owner, Caryn Whitney, came down to the restaurant when I was there and we hung out and caught up. It’s very weird to have known someone that long as an adult. It was great to see her. The food there is still awesome. It’s amazing to see a place become an institution.

Big week of shows! I know nothing about wrestling so I talked to one of the biggest wrestlers in the world! CM Punk is on the show Monday. On Thursday I have a lovely chat with Edgar Wright about his career and movies. Great guy. Great talk.


Boomer lives!