Thank All of You

Hola, peoples!

Hey! International travel on the horizon! I have dates in England, Ireland and Australia coming up. Check the calendar. I should be more specific. London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!

I want to thank all of you for being there for me in a very real way. Yesterday I had 16 years sober. It’s no small feat and it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but it has. I am very grateful to have the outlet of the podcast to speak my mind and talk to people and I’m glad so many of you find it compelling. Knowing that you are out there and ‘get’ me certainly makes my sobriety better. In all honesty, it helps me stay sober. It’s not that I am going to drink, but living a sober life and being mindful and aware of my own bullshit and owning it is what being sober is all about. Well, that and not getting fucked up. But the staying in check is something I share with you all. Thanks. If you fast forward through it, my ability to accept that is very sober.

Also, I’m glad so many of you who are trying to get or stay sober get strength from the show. Thank you for your emails and it gives me great pride and peace of mind to know that I help.

Also, thanks to a few of you, I’m going to the cardiologist today. Apparently my story of my ill-fated attempt at running in 100 degree heat has some of you concerned. I got an email and a tweet about the symptoms of a heart attack and clogged arteries. So, the day after the run I woke up in a complete panic. I called the health center I go to and asked if they had an appointment. The scheduling person asked why. I told her about the run. She asked if I was breathing okay and if the symptoms subsided and I told her for the most part they did and she told me to go to the emergency room. That freaked me out because I didn’t think I was having a heart event or attack or whatever but she almost convinced me. She even told me the doctor is probably going to just send me to the emergency room and asked me if I would rather drive there or go in an ambulance because that’s what would happen if the doctor sends me. She made me panic, hard. I think she almost gave me a heart attack. I got an appointment and within an hour a doctor was examining my vague symptoms. Everything they could check—EKG, pulse, pressure—was fine. She did give me a referral to the heart doc. I will keep you in the loop.

The problem with having the symptoms of anxiety in all their manifestations over the years AND seeing doctors is there is a cry wolf element. I am at an age now where, anxiety or not, I gotta go. Who knows when shit is going to break down.

Today I posted my conversation with Lynn Shelton. She makes beautiful movies and has a very interesting creative evolution AND is a good talker. I liked hanging out with her. On Thursday I talk to MSNBC's Chris Hayes, and not about politics. Yeah, imagine that. I got to know that guy a bit. Good talks.


Boomer lives!