Tastes settle in better overnight.

Look at yourselves!

How is everyone feeling after the gluttony? I don’t even want to hear from anyone who says, “It wasn’t so bad. I didn’t overdo it.” To hell with you. I overdid it and then I overdid it again the next day. Then I proportionately beat myself up.

Before I get into the food thing, the “Boomer Lives'” t-shirts are going fast. I'm not sure if I'm going to make more so grab them if you want them. One dollar goes to help animals somehow. Working on that. I also filled the merch store with stuff for the holidays if you want to gift that shit. Do it up.

Leftovers taste better than the actual meal. So much fury and energy went into preparing the food that by the time I sat down to eat it I could barely taste it. I inhaled though. I don’t know why I do that. I literally spent two and a half days preparing like 6 dishes and a turkey and gravy and I swear I ate two plates of the stuff in like 7 minutes. The next day I paced myself and enjoyed the meal. I think tastes settle in better overnight, too.

Everything went well in Florida with the mother. I only had one meltdown and it was Brussels sprout related. I’m sure a lot of you have Brussels sprout related trauma of one kind or another that probably happened when you were younger. I love the things. This wasn’t a sprout related trauma but a Whole Food related rage. As many of you know, I don’t like shopping there, at all. I always feel like I’m being ripped off and that they really aren’t that good at being grocers, i.e. rotating and paying attention to stock. I went in there with Jessica to get some ingredients for her vegetarian-option dinner and I just decided to go ahead and buy the Brussels sprouts there. I was going to roast them. I bought 7 of the little netted bags of them. I usually buy the stalks but the ones they had looked nasty. That should’ve been a red flag.

You can’t really see what is going on in those bags. I started to prep them late Wednesday night and as I went through them my rage escalated. Two out of three of the little fuckers were browning. That’s not unusual but as I peeled them back they were browning all the way through. Some of them were slimy. I was livid and screaming at vegetables, my mother, my girlfriend and maybe even God. Mostly I was cursing Whole Foods. I should’ve gone back but it was too much of a pain in the ass. I was able to save enough to serve but fuck Whole Foods, again. Fuck them.

Outside of that everything went pretty well.

I’ve very excited about today’s show. Back in the early 90s the band Dinosaur Jr. had a profound effect on me. I had never heard anything like them before and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Jay Mascis is the genius behind the band and I talk to him in the garage. He is not a big talker but I was honored to have him. Hang in if you don’t know him. If you do, I hope you dig it. He plays two songs at the end that will blow you away. On Thursday the old emperor himself is on the mic—Budd Freidman. The man behind one of the clubs that spawned modern comedy—The Improv. Good history here. I used to be terrified of the guy. I still am a little. Enjoy.

Boomer lives!