Speaking of Anger.

Hope you held up, Folks!

My Thanksgiving went much better than I expected it to. I think one of the main factors was getting out in time. I made it just under the wire. Turns out that four nights and three days is the exact right amount of time to spend in Florida with my mother and her annoying boyfriend. Even another half day may have tipped the scales for all involved into ‘bad scene’ mode. I can only keep the anger in for so long. Look, I have processed a lot of it but I seem to have a replenishing well of annoyance-based anger towards him and I always find a new facet of my mother’s emotional dynamic that reveals the source of an entire history of emotional pain and bad behavior for me and that shit is hard to stifle. Those moments of horrendous catharsis land and demand response but I didn’t act out. Well, once I snapped but it was managed and appropriate.

Speaking of anger, I want to make sure you know that the world television premiere of my EPIX Original Comedy Event "Marc Maron: More Later" is this Friday, December 4th, only on EPIX. Go to EPIX.com to find out how to watch.

Back to Thanksgiving. The food was great. I actually paced out the cooking so I could have time to hang out with family and friends. My girl got her first experience of my family and it went well on both sides. I think my mother might like her more than she likes me because she’s a painter and my mother paints. And there was a better vibe this year all around. Some people that usually come didn’t come and it turns out the fewer Republicans there are at a family gathering the more pleasant it is. There just weren’t enough to gain any momentum so the political talk didn’t pick up any traction at the table, which makes it a nicer experience for all involved. I’m sure there is a Republican version of this as well but that is not my experience.

Today I talk to my friend Kliph Nesteroff for a bit about his new book ‘The Comedians’ and then I have a longer chat with Gloria Steinem about her new book ‘My Life on the Road’. These were both good talks. On Thursday I talk to comedian and Conan writer Brian Kiley. I started out with Brian way back in Boston. He’s a great comic and a great guy so we had an amazing talk. One of my favorites.


Boomer lives!