Please Remember to Stretch.

Oh, man, People-

I am tired. I'm sitting here at the airport in Portland wiped out. I did five shows here and they were hands-on, real, raw standup. I’m losing my voice. I’ll get to that in a minute. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. Good times.

This week I will be at the Mohawk in Austin on Thursday for the Moontower Comedy Festival. I’m looking forward to getting back to Austin. I’ll be doing a couple of other shows there as well. You can check the schedule because I don’t even know what they are. On May 3rd I am doing one night at Stand Up Live in Phoenix so if you are in the area it would be good to see you.

I need a rest. I’ve been going non stop for months and the three days at the weird nice spa in Santa Fe wasn’t enough. My voice is raspy. I wish it were just because I was worn out but in actuality I think I sprained it during a fight. Jess and I got into an argument over some bullshit. I don’t even know what it was about. She claims I am just stressed and taking it out on her. I, of course, argued that couldn’t be it and, of course, that became the argument. Stupid. So, I yelled. Now, for the last 3 days my voice had been fucked up. This is all part of getting older. The last time I played softball I didn’t stretch and I pulled my hamstring. The last time I went running I didn’t stretch well enough and hurt my foot. The point is, you have to warm up. Sadly, when you are about to have a loud argument over nothing there isn’t much time for vocal exercises. Maybe the better way to think about this is I just shouldn’t be screaming like a child because my voice is my livelihood. Better still, maybe I shouldn’t be screaming like a child because I am a grown man and it’s just hurtful and embarrassing.

Please remember to stretch. You’re not a kid anymore.

Today, Monday, is the last day to pre-order the First 100 Episodes in MP3 files on a two DVD box set, which includes a live WTF video from The Bell House in Brooklyn featuring Artie Lange and Ira Glass. It’s a beautiful box and we’re real happy with how it came out. It's officially available on Tuesday.

Today on the show, the amazing James Mercer, lead singer of The Shins. We share a common hometown of Albuquerque and he actually sings an acoustic version of his new single ‘Simple Song.' Also, you learn in this talk that I have a hard time distinguishing mice. For all you Andy Kaufman fans, Bob Zmuda is on the show on Thursday. No matter how you feel about Zmuda this show is intense. He is an amazing raconteur and full of stories. Enjoy.