My Brain Shorted Out.

Yes, People!

I am here. I will be at Helium in Philadelphia on December 6-8. Looking forward to being back there. Good crowds, good food.

My life is consumed with my shooting schedule. I am not out in the world much. I don’t have a lot to report other than my brain shorted out last week for a couple of days. Apparently I had put as much in it at once as it could take and it just was full and refused to work. After I shoot all day I have to come home and cram lines into my head for the next day. Given that this show is about me and centered around me, there isn’t a scene I am not in for the most part. There isn’t a real ensemble because that isn’t in the budget. There are recurring guests but it is me-heavy. We are shooting about ten pages a day, out of order. That’s a lot of lines. I am not complaining. I seem to be rising to the occasion but my brain just wouldn’t take anymore and everything became very immediate. I got angry at my head and was a bit of a bitch in the morning but we all got through it. By ‘all’ I mean everyone on the crew. I didn’t snap or hurt anyone. That’s progress.

We’ve completed shooting five of the ten episodes. I’m sorry but I’m going to be a little cagey about what I say to you all right now. I don’t want to be a spoiler for my own show. Though I am dying to.

This week is a triple-header. On Monday, I am releasing the live show from the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival. This was a long one. They actually shut off the electricity and air conditioner because they wanted to close the theater. On Wednesday, I talk to Jimmy Walker for a very long time. He likes to dish. There’s a lot of good comedy history with him. On Thursday, Chad Daniels from the Midwest. Great comic. Good talk. I think he surprised himself with this talk.

No Boomer. Miss him.

Love you all.