My brain is burnt out.

Merry, Happy, Everyone-

Hope it is all going as well as possible…scratch that. I hope you are having a lovely holiday and are getting a bit of peace of mind and a little love around you. I’m going to keep this one short. I need to relax and re-charge. I hope that happens over the next week. My brain is burnt out yet continues to manufacture waves of panic and worry. It’s very difficult to deal with the massive slow down of everything during the holidays. I hardly got any emails over the last couple of days and I actually feel abandoned somehow.

Let me just remind people that I will be at Wiseguys Comedy Club in Salt Lake City, UT on January 13 and 14th if you are around for that. I am also very excited about the Magner’s Comedy Festival in Boston where I will be doing a standup show and a live WTF featuring some of the great comics I started out opening for like Kenny Rogerson, Mike Donovan, Tony V, Jimmy Tingle, Frank Santorelli and Barry Crimmins. Can't wait to see them. I will be at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta January 19th through 22nd also. I always have a good time at that place.

Interesting shows this week. On Monday I talk to Josh Blue. Some of you may know him from Last Comic Standing. He has CP yet is undaunted by his condition. I have a hard time performing if I feel fat. This chat really puts trivial problems into perspective. On Thursday Jeff Kahn and his wife Annabelle Gurwitch hang out in the garage. They are married and are both working in show biz. Jeff was one of the original writers for The Ben Stiller Show and Annabelle has written a few books and some of you may know her from Dinner and a Movie. They now perform and write together. If you are married you might want to listen to this. I personally was thrilled to not be married after I talked to them--In a good way.

Again, all the best to you and your families.