Just get rid of it all.

Okay, People-

Almost a week into the New Year and I’m exhausted.

Let me hip you to a couple of things that I’m sure many of you know. The first season of ‘Maron’ from IFC is now available on Netflix. If you weren’t able to see it because you didn’t get IFC or you don’t know what IFC is, here’s your opportunity to either love it or hate it all at once. I’m very excited that so many people are getting to watch it.

Also, I want to make sure you all know about the WTF app. You can get the free app on your device and download the most recent 50 eps. If you upgrade for a few bucks you can stream all 459 episodes anytime. That’s the way we do things now, Everything, all at once.

The hiatus has been harrowing in a good way. I had to re-engage with my life and the pile of papers, books, records, CDs, mail, etc. that had been piling up for a month. It is an amazing thing to organize and purge. It makes you realize how little you actually need and it might actually be much better to have almost nothing. Who has the courage to do that? Just get rid of it all. I need my things that make me feel like I have things that mean something to me. Someday I will have a garage sale.

Today we resume shooting of ‘Maron’ season two. It’s been a trip. I think I am in a much different place on all levels since we shot the first season. I’m not as freaked out. I think the scripts we are working with are amazing and we got them all written before shooting began. So, I am able to focus on the acting and also keep a sense of what works best comedically and emotionally for the scenes and the episodes as we shoot them. I’m working with a great team of people AND I am having more fun this time. I think the fact that I’m not hung up on the future or another season or what’s going to happen next or whether people will like the show or mired in emotional chaos is also helping. You can’t second guess yourself based on speculation because that’s like being imprisoned in your brain and your sentence is fear. I’m not sure where some of this peace of mind is coming from. Whether it’s age and wisdom or I’m repressing so much stress and panic that my brain is no longer processing fear properly. Either way I’m good with it.

A couple of SNL veterans on the show this week. I talk to Andy Samberg today on the show. He’s a good kid. As you know sometimes it’s tricky for me to talk to well-adjusted young people who are focused and grounded and have found success but I did okay with him. He’s a talented, funny dude who works hard. On Thursday Will Forte talks to me about how he had no real intention of being a performer and how he went from being on a successful TV writing trajectory to SNL to being in a movie opposite Bruce Dern and being amazing in it. We also talk a little OCD.


Boomer lives!