I’ve been a little crazy lately.

Okay, People-

Indianapolis, where we at? I’ll be at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple April 4th-6th. If you can come out that would be great. I’m trying to get my hour special together so they will be fun shows. My buddy Ryan Singer will be featuring for me.

Check the calendar links on the left for upcoming dates in SF, Bethlehem, PA and Milwaukee, WI.

My book, Attempting Normal, is available for pre-order at your favorite bookseller through the link here. It will help with the success of the book if you want it and do it this way.

I’ve been a little crazy lately because of everything that is going on. Very stressed and a little tweaked. I’ve never been in this position before with so much on the line and so much of myself in so many different media being out there in the world. I did the dates in Chicopee and Boston that were make up dates for the ones I cancelled due to the snow storm. I hadn’t done a full hour plus of comedy in about three weeks. I was consumed with stress because I have absolutely no ability to compartmentalize without a lot of effort. It’s amazing to me that I’ve been doing comedy for more than half of my adult life and if I don’t do it for a few weeks I have no idea who I am and I think somehow all that experience just faded away. I guess that’s my process. I have to feel that my entire sense of self is on the line to re-engage wholeheartedly. Do or die. The shows in Boston and Chicopee were amazing. I guess because in my mind everything depended on it. In my heart I am just a comic and somewhere in there when it comes right down to it that’s how I define myself and that is all that matters when things get scary. It’s good to have something that important to you but even that is risky.

Today I will air the live show from SXSW with James Franco, Harmony Korine, Nate Bargatze, Peter Sagal and a very familiar heckler. It gets weird at the end of this show, folks. I was shaken and it’s not clear why. I will explain it all to you with a bit more detail on Thursday's show. On Thursday's show Jason Stuart talks about fighting against being stereotyped as a gay comic. Great guy. Good talk.


Boomer lives!