It’s the waffle city.

Okay, Friends-

I made it out of SLC without becoming Mormon and I had great shows there. Thanks to everyone who came out to Wiseguys. It got weird, good weird. Things happened that will never happen again. I’m pretty sure that a relationship ended between two people about a third of the way into one of the shows. We all worked through it and I believe they may be back together. Alcohol is a magical elixir. What type of magic you wield with it is really on you, but most of the time it is of the dark type.

I’ve grown to really like SLC and not mind the LDS. There is sterility to the city but the folks are very pleasant. I’ve become a bit fascinated with the LDS and being in the city that houses the corporate headquarters is intense. I’m not as freaked out as I used to be. Also, for some reason, the best belgian waffles I’ve ever had -- no wait -- one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth is in SLC at Bruges. It’s amazing how sugar and ice cream can shift your perception of even the weirdest, most peculiar religions. Powerful drug that sugar. SLC is no longer the Mormon City to me; it’s the Waffle City.

I really appreciate all of the positive feedback about my appearance on Louie. I even liked the way it turned out. It was an honor to do it. I was thrilled that Louis asked me and even more excited that I was playing myself, which is actually a difficult role. For all of you speculating about the real emotions behind the scene I can put some of that to rest. Given that many of you know a bit about my history with Louis I can report that we are getting along well. We’ve known each other a long time. The shoot was a blast and it was loaded only in the sense that Louis and I got to explore our history and emotions in a hilarious scene. The day after the shoot we hung out at Louis' place, had some food, watched some rough cuts of the season’s shows and took a drive to pick up his kids who I haven’t seen in years. I even got to see his ex who I don’t think I’ve seen more than twice since I was at their wedding. Honestly, if you know someone as long as we’ve known each other it’s a rare and great thing to have any relationship. People get busy, lives move on and it becomes difficult to stay in touch. After his appearance on my show we have been in touch and we check in with each other. We worked through the shit and now… we’re good.

Am I still jealous of Louis’s success? Sure, a bit. That’s only natural for me. Does it hinder our relationship anymore? No. Because I know it’s my issue. I really couldn’t be happier for him or prouder of him as a friend. He is a rare dude and a ballsy, inspired artist and comic.

I’ll be at the Blue Ridge Comedy Festival in Victoria, BC on August 17th and 18th. Come out if you are in the hood. I will also be doing a few gigs at The Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater in LA. On August 14th and 21st I will be workshopping new material and on August 28th we will be doing a live WTF with Dave Hill, TJ Miller, Jake Fogelnest, Aries Spears, Mike Bobbit and Jim Earl (Pepitone is away).

On the show this week we have the immaculate Sebastian Maniscalco on Monday and the goofy Dave Koechner on Thursday. Fun week. Enjoy.