It’s Hot Out Here.

It’s hot out here, People-

I tend to like the heat. Being that I don’t do drugs or drink, when I am being pummeled by heat of any kind I find it relaxing and slightly hallucinogenic. As I become more dehydrated the more I hallucinate. I guess if I take this system all the way it’s really not much safer than drug use. I’m taking a drink of water now.

I’m going to be in Seattle this week doing Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee Comedy Show on July 12th. I’m also going to stay up there for a couple of days to rock out. Yes, I can rock out. There's a lot of bands playing and it seems like an amazing event. As much as I love Mudhoney I will not go to the top of the Space Needle to see them. I get the novelty but what the fuck. Come on fellas. We’re a little old for that shit, but rock on. I’ll be on the ground.

Next week I’m heading to Nashville for shows at Zanies, July 18th through 20th. I like Nashville. I’ll probably hurt myself with food but that’s what the South is all about. The whole ‘comfort’ food thing is relative. Comfort can be smothering with gravy. Speaking of gravy I will be at the (Poutine) Montreal JFL Festival July 26th and 27th. I’m not sure when I’m doing what I’m doing but I know there’s a live WTF, a solo show, a book signing and a set on some other shows. I would just go to their site and figure it out. Is that okay? You can do that, right?

I feel fat and disgusting. I really need to get into some routine that is healthy now that all the publicity and running around for the show and the book is done. Maybe after Nashville I’ll start. Wait, after Montreal maybe. Yeah, then, for sure.

I am a Twitter addict. There I said it. It’s like a speedball of love and hate and humor. I can’t stop. No other platform holds my attention. It’s gotten to the point where my conscience works in 140 character bursts. Anytime I think about doing something bad or off or wrong my conscience will put together a series of possible tweets that will come back at me if I transgress. Is this what morality is in the age just shy of the singularity? (I only have a very vague understanding of what that is but I will toss it around on occasion to sound like I am on the pulse of prophecy.) Is this what determines our behavior, being wary of the random surveillance of social networking platforms and cameras everywhere? Or are we all still able to weigh personal morality on our own ethical scales? Or is it all based on the fear of the trail of digital detritus we will leave without even knowing it? Hmmm…=

On Monday I talk to Douglas Rushkoff about the pace and access of technology and the good and bad effects it has on our lives. On Thursday I talk to the mighty and sweet Jonah Hill about Jonah Hill-related things. He’s a nice guy. Good talks all around.


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