It’s Good to Throw Shit Out.

People of the world!

I’m losing my fucking mind, again. It comes in cycles. I don’t want any diagnosis. It is what it is. There’s about to be a lot going on for a change. I’m not complaining. It just seems that what I do, instead of excitement and joy, is panic and dread. Then I get real OCD about stuff to keep the unknown at bay and focus, meticulously, on the present tasks which are generally unnecessary, but I make them urgent.

I went to see ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and I thought it was exciting as fuck and a great movie. I knew nothing about any of it. I think that is one of the reasons biopics generally suck. If you are familiar with the person it can never match what you created in you mind or who they really are. I knew a few NWA songs but I knew nothing of their orgin story. I’m not a rap guy or that into hip hop. I have a few records but it wasn’t really my thing. I can appreciate it. I just missed it. I have a sense of Ice Cube because of his movies but I just didn’t know the story. I thought it was compelling, amazingly acted and well-paced. The music sounded great and the direction was just tight. Even the bits that were foreshadowing and a little hacky didn’t diminish anything. I actually accepted them as necessary. It was a rare, completely satisfying movie going experience.

I’ve been trying to get grounded here at home. I moved a shed, built a platform for it because the old one was rotted out, got up on the roof, cleaned it, did some work with some PVC, created a drain, sorted tools, did some time at the hardware store, all with a sense of urgency needed for me to stop beating the shit out of me. Spirituality. I had help but I was in it. It’s good to throw shit out and feel it go -- remnants of old loves, people leaving, projects that never happened, hopes and plans, pieces of the past, rusted out cans of combustibles, broken tools. Garbage. Hope.

I talked to Matt Sweeney today. He’s a new friend. Good guy. Good rap. Good guitar player. You probably know him but don't know that you do. It was a great talk. On Thursday I have an amazing conversation with Sir Patrick Stewart, about it all. It’s all there this week. Dig it.


Boomer lives!