It’s a good disgusting.

Well, Folks-

I feel disgusting but I’ll get through it. It’s a good disgusting.

Before I get into that make sure you check out the “Out of the Garage Tour” 2013 dates to the left here and get your tickets if I’m coming to your area. I’ve been feeling pretty funny lately and the shows have been good.

I’m flying back from Raleigh, NC as I write this. The shows were amazing. Ryan Singer and Andy Forrester were on the bill with me and everyone kicked ass. It felt good. I hadn’t been down there in 15 years and the response was crazy. I want to thank all the WTFers for coming out.

I know I say this every time I go down south but I love it down there. The people are great and it’s a beautiful part of the country. There’s always part of me that thinks I could live down there. I went to dinner with Mac from Superchunk and Merge Records and his wife, Andrea. John Darnielle came as well. I was thinking, “These folks are pretty groovy, they dig it down here, I’m in.” That was before dinner. I think if I lived in NC or anywhere in the South I would be dead in months from pork and sugar poisoning. I just made that condition up but holy shit, did I eat down there.

It’s been a while since I did this but here is what went into me: Chicken and waffles (Beasley’s), greens, chess pie (twice; once homemade by Big A), homemade chocolate truffles (fan), espresso coffee cake (fan), German chocolate cupcakes (fan), Videri chocolates (fan), pastries (fan), more fried chicken (Bullocks), pork BBQ (Bollucks), hush puppies (Bullocks), ribs (Bullocks), mac & cheese (Poole’s Diner), crab beignets (Poole's Diner), pickled okra (fan), shit, there’s more but I have to stop. I can’t even look at that list. What the fuck is wrong with me? That was all in 3 days. AND someone made these ridiculously awesome cookies honoring episodes of the show.


Look, I love you folks, but you’re killing me. I hate to waste food so I’ll get most shit eaten. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Who knows? If I keep it up it will time out with me needing a new hour and I can work the fat angle, finally. For reals.

Big shows this week! Monday is Elizabeth Banks! She came over to the garage and talked about comedy, love, sex, babies and screen kissing. She’s solid. Great to meet her and hang out. Thursday is Dave Grohl! I went to his studio and talked about his new documentary, Sound City, which is fucking great. We talked about a lot of stuff but the movie is what is going on with him right now. It was a blast to hang out with him. Good guy.

I’m sitting in a plane seat with my belt loosened. Thanks NC!

Boomer lives!