It gave me hope for comedy.

Uh, sorry, gang-

I realize now that I forgot to inform you all that I was appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday. I feel awful but you can all still see it On Demand or on one of the HBOs. I also forgot to realize that my episode of The Green Room with Paul Provenza aired last Thursday. You can still see that as well. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t watched either of them either. Maybe it’s a fear-based oversight. I don’t know. I do know that I will be appearing on Conan on Tuesday, July 19th. So there. Does that make up for it? Sorry.

It was my first time on Real Time and I was nervous. It had been a while since I’ve had to sit with a stack of news stories and get up to speed on all the political trajectories. It was exciting but made me anxious. It gave me flashbacks to waking up at 3am to crunch the news for Morning Sedition, my morning show on the old Air America. Loved doing it, but man that schedule was a killer. That feeling of spinning myself daily into a manic, angry funny-dispenser fueled by Dunkin Donuts coffee and M&Ms came back over me, and I really don’t know how I did it everyday but it felt good to have all the head juices jamming outward for a bit.

Of course, the Righties picked up on a couple lines I said and an exchange I had with Dan Savage and ran with it. I was proud. It’s heart warming to know that some precise, focused irreverence can still have any effect at all. It gave me hope for comedy.

I hope Bill has me on again. I love doing the homework and getting on the pulse of the culture for a couple of days. Now, back to the churnings of the self, trudging through the small world and the mind.

Great shows this week. On Monday, I talk to the dark prince of Semitic neuroticism, Richard Lewis. I have been a fan for years and I loved talking to him. On Thursday, Rob Riggle hangs in the garage. We had a very unique conversation about something we rarely talk about on the show: military service. Great guy. Dig it.