It Feels Real.

Hey, Y’all

I have to say I had a great time in Nashville at Zanies. I actually always have a great time in Nashville. It is one of the great American cities. Good food, good music, beautiful country, good and odd people. All in all, I am done with stereotyping the South in any way. Every time I go almost anywhere in that part of the country part of me wants to live there. It feels real, more real than most places.

I visited Third Man Records while I was down there. I didn’t see Jack White but his nephew gave me a tour of the new facilities. It is pretty fucking amazing. You didn’t hear it here but I think Jack is making plans to take over the world. I didn’t see the war room but I have no doubt there is one there.

I ate Prince’s chicken but I pussed out with the medium so no tall tale of GI tract problems and comedy.

I also visited United Record Pressing. I’m no true vinyl nerd but the guy in charge of marketing over there, Jay Millar, reached out to me and asked me if I wanted a tour. Granted I have been doing the vinyl thing lately. I am definitely not down the rabbit hole too far but I was curious. URP makes about thirty percent of the county’s vinyl records and they have been since 1949. They make records for many big labels. They are not music specific. They just manufacture the records. It was fascinating to see the process from raw vinyl beads to machine to labeling to pressing to putting them in sleeves. All of the machinery is run by humans. Because most of the machines are no longer made there is a full time machinist on the premises to fix them and make parts from scratch if necessary. It was a beautiful undigitized American manufacturing experience. They make forty thousand records a day and the machines are cranking all night. I actually held a record still warm from the press. Look, I don’t know if you can read my excitement but it was fucking cool. It made me love records even more. Not because of the tone or the sound but just because they are organic, solid, well-crafted real things that you can hold and spin magic out of. It was truly groovy.

I’ll be in Montreal at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival this Friday and Saturday. I will be doing a live WTF and a solo show and some random appearances on other shows. You can go to their website to find out the when and wheres.

Big shows this week! On Monday I’ll post a chat I had with Thom Yorke from Radiohead. I talked to him at Rick Rubin’s mansion studio in the Hollywood Hills during an Atoms for Peace session. Rick doesn’t live there. It's an old house that was once owned by Houdini that is only used for recording. It was great talking to Thom because I didn’t know if he talked much. He did. On Thursday, the mighty Judy Gold hangs out and talks about comedy, lesbian stuff, marriage, cock, kids and the obligatory Jew things. Good week ahead.


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