I’m that guy.

I'm that guy, People!

I’m that guy. The one who is out on his porch in his boxers and slippers re-hanging the hummingbird feeder he just filled up and then standing there waiting for the first bird to come. I don’t think its such a bad guy to be.

I am coming to Cleveland, Raleigh NC, Austin and Nashville in the upcoming months. Check the calendar to see if that interests you.

Also, I have two more ramble, flounder and soul wresting shows at The Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater. I have no idea whether they are sold out or not. Tomorrow Geoff Tate will be opening for me and on the 25th the amazing Moon Zappa will be joining. See if they have tickets here.

Well, the dream has taken a hit. I have been consuming music almost constantly since I’ve been on this vinyl bender. Tragedy hit the other day. I turned on my tube amp and one of the tubes literally caught on fire on the inside. Smoke came out of the bottom where it plugged into the amp. I freaked out. Shut the power off and assessed. I could see how this would be the moment that an engineer thought maybe there’s a more effective way to deliver the electrical thingy necessary to run this machine without the possibility of wires and stuff blowing up inside a glass airless jar. I’m paraphrasing the words uttered that lead to the birth of solid-state technology. I’m using layman’s terms here obviously so everyone will understand.

I called the place where I got the amp and they said they had the tube I needed and the amp probably needs to be biased and for me to just bring it in. The problem was they closed in an hour and I couldn’t get there. This is not a big issue. I want you to know that. It’s just that I had no idea what a vinyl junkie I had become. I can’t bring this piece of equipment in untilTuesday and I have all the records sitting around waiting to be played and I feel like I am letting them down. I also haven’t been in my house quietly in like a year or so. It’s not bad. I guess there is a price to be paid in patience and inconvenience when you want to time travel back to the days of analog purity. I’m just lucky they still make the tubes or my spaceship wouldn’t run at all.

I tried kohlrabi. Not great, but good. It felt like something I should be eating at least every so often. Maybe raw isn’t the way. I’ll do some research.

On Monday you can listen to me and Lena Dunham talk about art and stuff. We had a very nice chat. I enjoyed her. On Thursday I go out to the edge a bit with Duncan Trussell. We talk cancer and hippy metaphysics. Good week of chats.
Boomer lives!