I’m strung out.

Hello, All-

Thanks for coming to the shows I did with Sarah Silverman at the Chicago Theater. It’s a beautiful place and it was a fun show to be part of. I’ll be back in Chicago at the Mayne Stage August 2-5 if you want to come out for the long set. I’m also coming to Nashville, Montreal, Utah and doing local LA shows in upcoming months. Look to the left or go to the website to check the calendar.

I’m feeling the need to get healthy. I keep picturing myself at the gym, eating well and not sucking on nicotine lozenges compulsively all day long, even when I’m on stage or in bed. I can see myself back on track and taking care of myself so clearly in my mind that I think I actually believe that is enough and it is working somehow. I can’t seem to make time to just get on with it in the real world because I’m too busy avoiding it. I’ve become very aware that my addictive nature has evolved and adapted. I’m strung out. I can barely last 10 minutes without checking my phone or tweeting unless I’m sleeping. Between coffee, nicotine lozenges, food, phone, internet and Twitter, I only actually have to be present during my monologues, interviews, standup and a couple hours a day with my girlfriend. Occasionally, I will sit with a cat or two and try to connect with conversation that is beyond them. I’m all fucked up.

I’m going to be taking a vacation soon. I need one. I’ve earned one. I don’t really know how to take one. I’m trying to decide whether it will be a complete media blackout vacation or not. I’d like to think I can go without the internet and phone for 10 days, I really would. I honestly don’t know if I can. I’d like to get off the lozenges and read a book. I’m going to Hawaii. I guess I shouldn’t plan to do it all there because then it will just be some kind of irritable, twitchy detox from everything and I would drive my girlfriend crazy, possibly ruining my relationship. That’s what vacations are for though, right? Drama and testing? I could get some good stories for the show and the act. Wait, I really think I’m planning in the wrong direction here. I will just try to relax. Yeah, that’s it.

This week on the show, on Monday I take a drive to Third Man Records in Nashville to talk to Jack White. I think it went well. I was a mess of fan boy nerves and Hot Chicken-related stomach issues, but it was definitely cool to be there, see his operation and talk blues with him. He is one charismatic dude. On Thursday the funniest standup alive is on the show, Brian Regan. If am ever in need of a dependable laugh, Brian has always been the guy I will go to. I’ve never talked to him and it was a pleasure to get to know him. Now you can, too.