I’m Exhausted.

Holy shit, I’m exhausted, People!

What an amazing few weeks it’s been. I want to thank all of you for showing up for me and ordering the book and watching the show and listening and, honestly, being there for all this. I appreciate it.

Now, the book tour begins. I will be doing book events at Powell's in Portland on May 12th, at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles with Judd Apatow moderating on May 15th, at the JCCSF in San Francisco on May 17th, at The 6th and I Synagogue in DC on June 11th, at Barnes and Noble Union Square in New York City on June 12th, at the Summer Reading Series in NYC in Bryant Park on June 13th and at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square in Cambridge MA on June 14th. Please check the schedule to the left of this email for dates and places.

Since I’ve last written I have had the honor a pleasure of being interviewed by both Howard Stern and Terry Gross. I appeared on the Opie and Anthony Show and Jimmy Fallon’s show as well, but I feel like I know those guys. I wasn’t freaking out or nervous about it. With Terry and Howard I was freaking out and nervous for similar reasons. They both do intimate interview shows. They both have their own style. I am generally pretty comfortable on a mic and more than willing to talk but these two are the standard bearers of the one on one interview—something I have become known for as well. I’ve listened to both Howard and Terry a bit, neither regularly, but I had a sense of their styles. Terry is smooth and disarming and Howard is aggressive and disarming. I really didn’t know how Howard was going to come at me. I had never talked to him or met him. I didn’t know if he was going to dig something up and blindside me with something that would make me uncomfortable. Then I realized there is nothing that I really haven’t talked about publicly.

When you are walked into Howard’s studio by his producer, Gary, Howard is already talking to you as Gary puts the headphones with a built in mic on your head. It is disarming and jarring but I get it. I was excited he wasn’t wearing his sunglasses. I could see his eyes and connect. He came at me with my jealousy and anger issues and it was perfect. He was gracious and present and it was a pleasure to talk to the guy. Terry is not in the room, almost ever. I had talked to her when Jerusalem Syndrome came out and she chose to talk to me about ‘blue’ comedy for a lot of the interview. It was okay but I couldn’t figure out why that was the topic. This time we talked a lot about talking to people. We talked about my father. We talked about having kids and I actually made her laugh so much she snorted a bit. I love the fact that she left it in. Then, she brought up porn and we talked about that, for a while. She didn’t include it in the show but it is up on the NPR site. For some reason Terry Gross likes to talk about dirty things with me. I’m very flattered.

It was a big deal for me to talk to these two professional interviewers. I was very aware of their styles and it was an honor to be in conversation with the best.

Response to IFC’s ‘Maron’ has been very good. At least what I am getting directly. There have been great reviews and some heady, okay-but-thoughtful reviews. I don’t mind the criticism. I really don’t. Really. If it’s smart I can learn from it. Can’t wait for everyone to see more episodes.

We’re doing three shows again this week. On Monday Community’s Gillian Jacobs hangs out and talks about, among other things, choosing Julliard over Harvard (crazy). On Wednesday, also from Community as well as Mad Men, Alison Brie, lays it out, pretty bare. It’s a great talk. On Friday I will air a live WTF from The Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater featuring Jeff Richards, Christina Pazsitzky, Jason Nash, Matt Kirshen and Jim Earl.


Boomer lives!