I wrapped!

Here we go, People-

PHILADELPHIA! I will be at Helium Comedy Club December 6-8th. Don’t wait to get the tickets. I haven’t been there in a while.

I wrapped. That’s show biz talk that I have never been able to utter because I have never been in anything to wrap really. I completed shooting 10 episodes of ‘Maron’ for IFC. I have to say that it was an amazing experience that I really had given up on ever happening for me. I had genuinely let go of the dream of doing a television show. The fact that I was able to do one with a network that afforded me the freedom to be myself is amazing. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity. The crew was amazing and I really just felt like we were all working together to create something. I never really considered that it was all resting on my shoulders. I think if I did, I would’ve freaked out. All said, I only freaked out like two and half times and they were minor freak outs. They mostly revolved around shirts I thought were too tight. Not about that fact that we were shooting 9 to 15 pages of script a day and I was in every scene.

Now I get to see if anyone likes it. We are editing now and I am a bit surprised at how personal it all is but what else did I expect me to do. The airdate as it stands now is June 2013. I wish to hell it was sooner but that seems to be out of my control. I let you know how the edits are coming along. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

I’m trying not to go down the audiophile rabbit hole. I bought this new equipment and now I want to buy records like they’re crack. I went to get Jessica a burrito the other day and there was a record store down the street. While I was waiting for her food I ran down there because I decided I needed to understand and wrap my brain around Captain Beefheart. So, I barged into the store and muttered “Beefheart” and grabbed a re-release of ‘Mirror Man’ on clear vinyl and an unopened ‘Trans Europe Express’ by Kraftwerk for no reason other than I never really got them. I went back to the burrito place and her food was not even ready yet. There was a heavyset bearded man behind me on line. He was a Buddha of some sort. The guy at the counter asked what records I got and I told him and the bearded Buddha asked, “You trying to catch up?” I left with the food and was actually moved by the question. Was I trying to catch up? Do we ever catch up? I guess I should have went back and asked him but maybe I had all the information I needed.

Monday I talk to professional wrestler Colt Cabana. I learn a lot about the similarities between comedy and wrestling but also about art, life, expression and being Jewish. Yeah. All that. On Thursday I talk to Keith and the Girl. They were some of the original podcasters and were a big help to me when I was starting out with the medium. They are also interesting, funny people. Dig it.

Boomer lives!