I thought I had tweeted my last tweet.

I’m trying to relax, folks-

Denver! I am coming. April 6th and 7th I will be performing at The Comedy Works. It is an amazing club. I can’t encourage people enough to see comics in small independent clubs if possible. They are the best. I’ll be at The Stress Factory in NJ the following weekend. It’s not a small club but it is a unique club. The dates I am there are April 13th and 14th. It’s as close to NYC as I will be for a while so if you’ve ever had the desire to travel to New Brunswick here’s your chance! All of my upcoming dates are right there to the left.

Here are some things I’d like you to help me out with. The podcast is nominated for the Comedy Awards in the ‘Best App’ and ‘Best Podcast’ categories. I’m not sure what these awards mean or whether or not they are important but I would like to win. Here are the links:



I am also in the running for one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people this year. Here’s the link for that:

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Ice House in Pasadena. We sold it out and it was an awesome show. Thanks Eddie Pepitone, Maria Bamford and Nick Youssef for doing the show. They were all great. I think we will do more in the future. It’s right down the street from my house.

I am very close to my limit of discomfort with myself. I’ve been traveling a lot and working very hard. I have been eating like shit and not doing any exercise. I am very close to the amount of self hatred that is necessary to facilitate a change in behavior. There’s got to be an easier way than going through this cycle. Shit, I am 48 years old. You would think I could level off to a healthy pattern of living but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m not even playing enough guitar which usually enables me to blow off some steam. I don’t feel like I have time to do anything relaxing or fun. I suppose people make time to do those things. I’m going to try to learn that. I am going to New Mexico for a few days before I go to Denver. Jessica and I are staying at a spa type of place; massages and hot tubs and salt scrubs. I just got anxious typing those activities. I am going to try to turn off my phone, computer and mind for a few days. I’m at the end of my rope, depleted. I was actually sitting in from of my computer shoveling a pint of Peanut Butter Cup ice cream into my face and I thought I had tweeted my last tweet. I just didn’t think I had anymore in me. It was a scary feeling. What was scarier than that feeling was the fact that it scared me. Ridiculous. I am also going to see my father in New Mexico and depending when I do it may render any R & R null and void and reactivate the source of my stress and panic. I mean, I’ll be going to source. I have to handle it carefully.

Carrie Brownstein is on the show today. You may know her from Portlandia but you should know here from her first band Sleater-Kinney and her new band Wild Flag because she is a fucking rock star. I loved hanging out with her. It was a little tense at first but we got the hang of each other. On Thursday Jon Glaser is in the garage. Jon is one of the funniest people I have ever seen. We talk Delocated and his career as a funny person. We also talk about family and it gets a bit emotional. He’s a sweet guy and another guy I thought didn’t like me. I’m an idiot.