I Think We’re Good.

Yes, People

All is well. Australia! I am coming to you. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! Oct. 15th, 16th and 17th. Check the calendar for details.

I made it through actually doing something good for myself. The new driveway looks amazing. I’m sure I will keep looking at it for problems but all I know is that the age of sandbagging the garage when it rains and relying on a mystery hole in the cement are over. I am now the owner of a driveway with drainage. From what I am told, my timing is good. The forecast is that LA will be washed off the map and into the sea in November. Thus ending the drought and the seemingly endless scourge of bad entertainment and clickbait bullshit. My garage will be the only thing standing. It’s own perch. An island. I plan to be podcasting my final interview with Satan. Should be great. I think we’re good.

It’s amazing how much anxiety I can get over a good thing. I’m a festering mess of OCD trying to manage things going well. The rewards. Between the driveway and my new Camry I’m going to have to check into a mental institution.

This week on the show I talk to Lake Bell about a lot of stuff. The most amazing of which is childbirth. Mindblowing and completely out of my experience. I love her. On Thursday it’s a double-header with two very different musicians. Part one I talk to Richard Thompson who is one of the greatest singers, songwriters and guitar players ever. Part two I talk to Lemmy who is….Lemmy. Rock.


Boomer lives!