I think some part of me really wants to be a professor.

Hola, Amigos-

Firstly, here’s what’s coming up: Tomorrow night I will be at The Paley Center in Los Angeles doing a panel for IFC’s Maron with director Bob Goldthwait, producer Jim Serpico and writers Sivert Glarum and Michael Jamin at 7PM. Should be good. We’ll talk and watch things. I will be at Helium in Buffalo this coming weekend, Thursday through Saturday, June 20-22. I'm scheduled to be on Late Night with David Letterman on June 26th and Late Night with Craig Ferguson on June 27th. Lot of flying. Gunning for that executive platinum status. I think the level after that I can actually fly in the cockpit.

The East Coast book events were great. Thanks for coming out! I did DC, NYC and Boston! Jess had never been to DC so I wanted to show her around. We saw some space capsules and then we had our first big post-engagement fight in the cafeteria of The Museum of the American Indian. It bled out onto the National Mall where we stormed off away from each other. It seemed that there was no resolution possible. It was ugly. We negotiated a truce through texting and agreed to a peace treaty. We met in front of the capital building, hugged and enacted the agreement. Then we went and looked at dinosaurs. It’s holding. Tears were shed, dresses were bought (not wedding, make up), love was made.

I spent some time with my old friend Jim in DC. He works in politics. He’s an advance guy for presidents usually, among other things. I hadn’t seen him in a while. I always like talking to him. He tells me stories that make presidents human to me. If I don’t check in with him they tend to become robots or aliens in my mind.

It was great to be in NYC for two days. I had great readings and it was good talking to everyone who came out. They shouldn’t allow cars on that island, at all. That’s my two cents.

Boston was great too. I spent a lot of my early life there and rarely go back. It was nice this time. I needed the sterile-but-sweet highbrow quiet of Harvard Square. There’s still part of me that is envious of the Ivy League academic lifestyle. I think some part of me really wants to be a professor. I guess there’s still time.

Well, more Jew stuff on Monday. What can I say. Sometimes it just works out that way. Danny Lobell is a comic who actually had one of the first comedy radio show/podcasts with his Comical Radio. Good guy. New to LA. Good talk. On Thursday we go decidedly non Jew with Kristen Schaal and talk about her upbringing on a farm and her ascent to one of the funniest comedy actresses working today.


Boomer lives!