I snapped. Lost it. Old school.

Hello, my friends!

I feel depleted. Like I have said all I can say. Empty. Or, maybe it’s just hot out. Yeah. That must be what it is.

Also, there is the issue, now that I am alone and not really dating anyone, of what to do with time. I seem to be a 50 year old man with no idea how to have free time. I always have some kind of work to do but I should be able to take a few hours and do something fun. Nope. Like today I have some writing to so I drank about a pot of coffee, I went to Target to buy a new toilet seat, they didn’t have them and I came home and passed out for two hours. I woke up and felt like someone hit me in the head with a pillow repeatedly. Then I stumbled around for an hour trying to figure out what to say here. Good times.

I did five sets of comedy at The Comedy Store over the weekend. I actually had a great time until the last set. I snapped. Lost it. Old school. I had just done a great show for like 300 people in the Main Room and there was an hour between that and my set in the Original Room. I was second up. I went and I was having a perfectly nice set. The crowd was great except I heard some chatter coming from stage left, mid-room, people talking to each other. I asked, “Can you not do that? Please.” Then I went on with my show. I wasn’t planning on doing any of the material I have been doing about anger. I was having too sweet a set. Then, more chatter, so I asked, “Can you shut the fuck up over there? Seriously. Just shut the fuck up.” The tone was intense but not completely stage rage. They wouldn’t stop so I said, “Shut the fuck up. Do you want to leave? Do want to stay in the show? We have a long night here so shut your fucking mouths.” This was jarring to the audience and even to me a bit. A few people applauded. Then, the dumb fuck I was yelling at tried to crack a joke that went nowhere. I said, “Just shut up!” again, it was awkward, then I had to get back into my act. So, I did the anger material. Worked out. They had just seen what I was talking about. I guess it’s a testament to my time in the game that I could get the crowd back immediately after a moment like that. I don’t think they left though. I think they were a little shocked but real shit does that. It felt a little embarrassing, like old behavior. I just hate when half-drunk dummies have no respect for the show. This guy was classic fuck. Just dumb middle-aged man that thought he was the funny guy. I left. I don’t know if he shut up or not. I do know that some of the comics were thrilled that I unloaded on him. That makes it feel good.

I have a lot of new dates on the calendar you should see if I’m coming to your neighborhood soon. I’ll be doing sets on The Oddball Festival and some club dates.

Today on the show is the amazing Giovanni Ribisi. I’ve always thought he was a brilliant actor. I was excited to talk to him. On Thursday I talk to the Southern Man that is Billy Wayne Davis. He’s one of the young guns out here trying to make it happen.


Boomer lives!