I saw Space Jesus.

Okay, Brothers and Sisters-

I will be in Atlanta at The Laughing Skull Lounge this Thursday through Sunday, Jan. 19th throughout 22nd. Come on out.

I made it out of SLC without becoming part of the LDS. I really had a great time in Utah. I swear. I was there with Ryan Singer and the crowds were great at Wiseguys. Whenever I go to SLC I’m a bit apprehensive. I get nervous. I don’t know anything about Mormonism but I know the corporate HQ is there. I wish I understood more. I wish they spent more time in their missionary efforts explaining the religion to people who are just curious as opposed to spending all their energy recruiting Latinos. I get it. Business is business. It’s all about getting higher numbers.

I was impressed with Temple Square. I saw the Space Jesus and the Tabernacle Organ and between the two, if I was in a slightly more vulnerable place, I’d be in, and out knocking on the doors of Mexican households wearing a suit within weeks. Instead I went ice skating and ate a Belgian waffle. I didn’t become Mormon but I got a little fatter. I had a great time in Utah. Thanks.

space jesus

When Todd Glass called me a few months ago because he wanted to come on the show to talk about something specific that was very important to him I was honored. I was nervous because it was very personal and I had never really had the conversation he wanted to have. I knew I just had to listen and be present for this life changing discussion. I want to thank him for thinking of me to be there for him. On Thursday classic NYC comic Fred Stoller talks about his independent film and the struggle of being and remaining Fred Stoller.

I love you all,