I love the Fall.

It’s grey, people-

Not my hair. Not all of it. Yet. Outside. I am sitting at the Rochester airport and it seems that fall fell on the world up here just last night. It’s crisp and clear and overcast. This is just the kind of weather that gets me into that melancholic/sad-ish zone that I find poetic and powerful. I love the Fall. It’s one of the things I miss most about living on the West Coast.

It was an amazing experience performing at the George Eastman Theater in Rochester last night. It was definitely the most regal venue I had ever been in. The space was perfect acoustically. The stage was overwhelming in how much of it there was. It’s very challenging to make a venue like that intimate. I think I pulled it off. I filled it with me and than pulled it down to my level. I’m a professional. If you were there thanks for coming out. It was a good one.

I was sitting in my garage on Friday. It wasn’t a good day. Things have been stressful at home and I was just trying to pull my thoughts together and get some peace of mind. I know that everything should be great and many things are, but relationships are hard. There is no way around that. So, I was drained and feeling a bit hopeless. Then, outside, I heard the sound of some animal eating out of the cat dish. In my neighborhood it could be one of many animals. I peaked around the corner and sure enough it was Deaf Black Cat. I hadn’t seen him since I released him back into the wild on Monday and I wasn’t sure he was going to make it out there with new stitches and his lack of balls but there he was. Eating. Tenously, quickly, gulping. Looking at me like he always does with intense defiance and fear simultaneously. I watched him eat. He looked good. He looked like he was healing. It was good to see him. That guy gives me strength. We can make it.

This week on the show from Arliss, The Hollywood Knights, Good Morning Vietnam, Batman and his show Assume the Position, the boisterous Robert Wuhl joins me in the garage to talk about comedy, sports and his relationship with Rodney Dangerfield. Great stuff. On Thursday, on the request of his grandson who emailed me, I went to the home of Monte Hall and talked to him for a while about his career as a broadcaster in Canada leading up to his creation of Lets Make a Deal. Pretty great story.


Boomer lives!