I looked at houses today.

Okay, People-

My heart goes out to everyone with children in aftermath of this horrible tragedy in Connecticut. The fear and reality of something so evil actually happening has got to destroy one’s faith in anything to protect your kids. My heart goes out to anyone who lost someone in this horrible event. I hope you are getting the care and support you need.

I will be at the Improv at The Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale on January 4th through 6th. Get tickets now. I will be appearing with Mike Lawrence who will be featuring for me. I will be a bit north from Florida in Raleigh, NC January 10-12. Looking forward to it. Get tickets and come out.

I went out and looked at houses today. I’m not necessarily looking for a house but passively I mentioned the possibility of buying a new house to Jessica at some point. This means sometimes when I’m lying in bed going to sleep and she is looking at her iPad I ask her, “What are you reading?” In response she will shove the iPad under my nose and I will be looking at a house. She says she likes looking at houses. My problem is I can almost always see myself living in another house. I can’t see myself buying one. It seems overwhelming to me. Not unlike having a child. I get anxious, scared, short of breath. I know they are connected. If there is a baby, there will be a new house. If there is a new house, why not a baby? I’m cornered.

I ask myself, “Where do I do the podcast? Where do I put my books? Where do I arrange my clutter?” Then I think maybe this is what I need to do to actually go through my shit and get rid of stuff. Then I wonder what if Boomer comes back and we’re not there. Crazy. Of course, I’m not even sure I can afford to move but when has that stopped anybody. We’ll see.

On Monday I talk to Jon Favreau. I met him at an event, asked to come to the garage and we made it happen. He’s a great guy. He admitted to listening to a lot of WTF episodes to prep so he was ready. I’m not even sure I needed to be there. He knew where I was going. On Thursday NYC comic Liam McEneaney talks booze, Buddhism, mental illness, the death of friends and his new doc “Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film.” We had a great chat.


Boomer lives!