I like getting lost in the panic.

Labor Day, People!

Hope you are all taking a moment to reflect on the days when people fought for something they believed in for the benefit of all people in a time when we made things here.

I just spent the day cooking for a party that I could barely be part of because I was too busy cooking and cleaning. I think I like that. I like entertaining and cooking for people. I like getting lost in the panic of timing food. I am in no way prepared to entertain. I guess, over time, I have slowly gotten rid off everything that I was given as gifts for my two failed marriages. Maybe some day I will have serving spoons and glass pitchers again.

Well, I’m at sort of loss for content at the moment so I will tell you what I made today. I dry rubbed three tri-tip steaks with Santa Maria rub. I made a tray of baked mac and cheese. I made a fennel slaw. I made a fruit salad. I cooked up some kielbasa and some andouille sausages. I grilled several kinds of vegetables. Oh, and I did that all on a small Weber grill. I am a fucking grill hero. I don’t need a Green Egg or whatever it’s called. I don’t need a giant gas grill. I just need the basics. I'm a purist. I would also like to mention that I burned all the hair off of my right arm and I think I ate most of the tray of mac and cheese. So, needless to say I am nearly asleep now.

Many people brought many beers. I have no idea what I am going to with them. Maybe I can do a new type of podcast where I get all of my guests buzzed. I think someone is already doing that but it’s worth a try.

This week is a big week. We are doing three new episodes. On Monday, the amazing James Adomian will share his life and his impressions with me. On Wednesday, Mike Dought tell tales of being Mike Doughty and plays and sings. On Friday, the hilarious Nate Bargatze talks about growing up in the South and is just generally hilarious.

That's it. I have to sit on the couch and hate myself.