I have a Twitter problem.

Yes, people. It is me, Marc-

Hope everyone is digging into the new year and having a decent go at it. Let me push a few dates your way. I will be in SLC Utah this Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13th and 14th at Wiseguys with the energized and pleasant Ryan Singer. I will be in Atlanta, GA at the Laughing Skull Lounge January 19th through 22nd. I will be doing a live WTF and a standup show at the Magner’s Comedy Festival in Boston on January 27th. Come down and hang if you can.

Oh, and thanks for all the cards and gifts for the holidays. I really appreciate it. I love hearing from everyone.

On a grim but hopeful note the legendary comedian Ron Shock is ill with cancer, but we can help him beat it. Ron was on an early WTF and he is an influential comic who helped create the Texas storytelling style that inspired a young Bill Hicks. If you go to www.ronshock.com you can kick in a few sheckles to help Ron get the treatment he needs. You can also watch an amazing old video of Bill Hicks poolside before he left Houston for NYC and you can of course get yourself up to speed with the Shock catalog. Help if you can.

On a lighter note, I have a Twitter problem. I’m afraid to even clock how many hours of my life I spend refreshing mentions and crunching words. That said, if you aren’t following me on Twitter, I am @marcmaron. Bring it. Seriously though, it’s causing relationship issues. Is there a support group that anyone knows about? Maybe a Twitter rehab where you are only allowed to use Facebook and perhaps Myspace if that still exists. I need to wean myself from the Tweetage. It’s really is like crack and I can only see Facebook status updates as methadone or a gateway drug. But, seriously, I am @marcmaron. Pretend I didn’t just write that.

Also, does GPS cause fights for anyone else? I can' t yell at the machine so I tend to yell at my girlfriend on whose iPhone the machine resides.

On the show this week the mighty Bert Kreischer joins me on Monday. Bert is hilarious and pumped full of actual good energy. I had a great time talking to him. On Thursday the legendary comedic archetype that is Steven Wright hangs in the garage. I was nervous about this one because I have only met Wright briefly many years ago. I didn’t know if I could talk to him for an hour because I only really knew him from his act but we had an amazing chat and he is really sweet guy.

That’s all for now.