I have a head full of snot.

I have a head full of snot, People-

Shit, I forgot to plug a live WTF show that is happening at Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater here in LA tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 29th at 8PM. It should be a wild show. It will feature Jason Nash, Christina Pazsitzky, Matt Kirshen, Jeff Richards and Jim Earl. Get tickets. Come down.

Albany! I will be at The Egg this Friday. Come out! I’ll warm you up from the inside. Also, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio! I’m coming your way Feb. 14 and 15. Get your tickets or I’m going to start to think I have no people up there! Links are to the left.

Yes, I have a cold. Not the flu. Not yet. What the hell is happening in the viral world when it becomes this hard to decipher what you have? Or are we just too hyper aware and frightened that we don’t know what a cold is? I mean, I think it’s a cold. It seemed to happen all of sudden like I was struck with it. I had no idea I had enough liquid in my body to fill my sinus cavity with the amount of viscosity that seems to be in there. No body aches, no fever. My head is just a snot manufacturing machine at the moment. Probably more than you needed to know.

I’m leaving my hometown of Albuquerque, NM as I write this. I’m at the airport. I flew in for a surprise party for my buddy Dave’s 50th. I’ve known him since 2nd grade. That is fucking crazy. We went to Hebrew school together. So, there were people there I hadn’t really seen in decades. It’s hard to catch up with people when you have to cover 20 years. The touching thing was that I remember these guys as kids. We were all kids together and those same kids are inside these grown up bodies, but in terms of how they talk, act, move, think, it’s all roughly the same with differing degrees of bitterness and/or success. I wasn’t sure I was going to go but it was amazing and a bit bittersweet. Hearing about people who died or divorced or disappeared was a bit overwhelming because so many of them are frozen as kids in my mind. The guys who were alive were all doing pretty well and weathering the storm of life honorably.

I ended up staying like a block away from where I grew up. It was bizarre. There was this huge piece of property with two old homes on it that belonged to one of the original big landowners in the area. I knew the families that lived there when I was a kid and spent time in both the homes back in the day. There’s a barn and all kinds of animals around and a farm. One of the kids from one of the families, Matt Rembe, made it all an inn and retreat. He added rooms and a restaurant and a farm store. It was so bizarre to be there and catch up with him and his family. The place is called Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm. It’s amazing. If you ever want to spend time in NM, and feel NM, I recommend it. (http://www.lospoblanos.com/) Oh, and I was in love with his sister Emily when I was in Junior High.

Sweet shows for me this week because on Monday I talk to Lucinda Williams. I love her music. It’s rare to hear a singer/songwriter so emotionally raw both vocally and musically. I was nervous and honored to talk to her. On Thursday the very funny and very tall Jew, Gary Gulman, is in the garage. Great guy. Good talk.


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