I don’t have a lot to say.

Hello, Friends-

Hope all is well.

I don’t have a lot to say today. It’s been a crazy week of shooting. My whole life is shooting ‘Maron’ at the moment. I’m exhausted but the show is coming out great. All the episodes are coming together well. I am actually going to direct the last episode and I’m excited about it. I’ve never done any directing before but the crew I am working with is amazing and I’m looking forward to it. The story is comedian-based and I will be working with the infamous Joey Diaz. I actually conceived the part with him in mind and it's going to be a blast working with him. I can’t tell you anything about the story but It’s a good one.

I’ve been using a lot of comics on the show. I love hanging out with comics on the set. Kindred spirits busting balls. Good times.

As I write this I am watching '12 Years a Slave' trying desperately to figure out whether or not it is a good movie. I'll let you know what I think.

Health update. Since I got the cholesterol numbers I’ve been trying to eat better, and I have been. Something happened. Some folks sent me some dried posole and chiles from my home state of New Mexico and I couldn’t help myself. Had to whip up a batch of red chile and pot of posole and pork. One day isn’t going to kill me, right? Right? I’ve been exercising, too, so that should fix it, right? One pork day a week should be okay I think. Fuck getting old. Fuck genetics. I’m okay.

Monday is a live show from The LA Podcast Festival with Dave Anthony, Aisha Tyler, Dana Gould, Paul Gilmartin and Jimmy Pardo. This was great live show. Everyone was awesome. On Thursday things are a little tricky. I went to Harry Dean Stanton’s house to interview him. I had just seen the documentary Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy talk because he barely talked in the film about him. It was a beautiful movie but I still couldn’t get a sense of him. Then I talked to him and I couldn’t get through, really. Then I talked to the director, Sophie Huber, who had once had a romantic relationship with Stanton to try to figure out what we were all trying to figure out about him. Interesting talks. Mysterious man.


Boomer lives!